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The school of tomorrow: Designing great spaces to learn

I read an interesting article this week, about the future of leisure vs. the future of work, which in a way reflected what I was […]

8 Reasons to choose a cloud-based LMS for your school

Whether your school LMS is outdated and simply can’t meet all the needs your teachers and students now have in order to deliver the best […]

Next Generation Learning: Elementary School

This series has told the stories of some of the grant recipients of the Next Generation Learning Challenges program, describing schools that have taken seriously […]

Education: by the numbers

I prefer narrative studies in this blog, digging for real-world examples of teachers and schools that are making a difference. But data can also tell […]

Raising world class content creators by teaching these 4 skills

Ernest Hemingway once said, Prose is architecture, not interior decoration. Content creation or writing is one of the most useful skills any student can learn. […]

New Generation Learning: Personalization

The second in our New Generation Learning series focuses on personalization. Where last time we drew attention to schools that had made innovative leaps in […]

STEM for kids: Online classes teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills

STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is an important group of subjects that are in high demand — not just in classrooms, […]

Next Generation Learning: Assessments

“Next generation” learning is receiving some buzz in edtech circles, and so I thought we could delve into it a little more, not least because […]

14 Quick ways to tech-up your classroom

We are fond of a quite in-depth approach on this blog, and try and drill down to the bare bones of a debate or subject, […]

10 Edtech people to watch in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know the saying “The only constant is change”. Life means change, and every aspect of life is affected by it. Thanks to — or […]

Top 4 reasons why 1:1 programs fail

There is among K-12 schools a veritable on-rush to put a device in the hands of every student; a laudable and necessary ambition. However, while […]

4 Models of blended learning to implement in the classroom

We can all agree that the phrase “blended learning” is well and truly a part of the modern-day discourse on education; so much so that […]