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How to pave the way for innovation in the classroom

People, as the superior beings the are, are supposed to build upon the collective knowledge of everyone that ever lived and come up with innovative […]

How to redesign your classroom on a budget

A version of this post was originally published in July 2017 on Teach Secondary. Student performance is not only affected by their own physical or […]

Practical applications of Constructivism in the online classroom

Last week we discussed the theory behind constructivist teaching, today we will explore how to apply constructivist principles to your online learning environment. To recap: […]

8 Visual techniques for organizing lessons and ideas in the classroom

In a previous blog post I scratched the surface of the big topic of visual learning in schools and the idea that students of all […]

A call for more visual learning elements in schools

If the five senses of the human body were to compete for the Most Important Sense Award, I’m sure the eyes would get the trophy. […]

Why constructivist learning can’t always work in traditional classrooms

Constructivist learning is an educational theory based on the psychological theories of Constructivist thinkers such as Jean Piaget. His theory — usually referred to as […]

What works for tracking student progress in online learning

Tracking student progress is a core function of teaching. With online learning tools this function becomes not just easier, but more effective. While grades remain […]

Video: A new way to teach the 4Cs

There’s something special about video as a medium of instruction. The multi-sensory experience, combined with the flexibility of being able to use additional graphics, audio […]

Why blended learning will become an educational norm

Red, yellow and blue are very nice colors. But the world would be boring in just these three ones. Just try to imagine an oak […]

Could technology ever be part of Montessori education?

For over a century, the Montessori method of education has given children and adolescents all around the world increased chances of living a successful adult […]

Teaching makers: unraveling the maker movement

A confession: This is one of my favorite topics. I think that hands-on experimentation, design, invention and creating is one of the most stimulating things […]

The two big letters that shape up K-12 education: AI

“Personalized learning” sounds great for any ear interested to hear about education advancements, but it also comes with a rather broad definition. The core idea […]