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Ensuring your child’s brain is active in school through a good night sleep

Factors relating to poor sleep have been found to have a significant impact on school performance. This was observed in a study published by NCBI […]

6 Practical strategies for teaching across the digital divide

Last week we discussed the digital divide, and today I thought we could explore some practical strategies that teachers, as individuals, can adopt in an […]

Digital Divide 2.0: a few facts and figures

Welcome to NEO Blog 2018! This year you can look forward to ever-more interesting news and views on the hot ed-tech and e-learning topics currently […]

OEB 2017: Getting up close and personal(ized) with learning

Earlier this month we attended OEB – an event aimed at shaping the future of learning – and the main theme for the event was […]

The journey to student-centered learning

This post was originally published on October 31, on Education Technology. “All aboard!” shouts the Railway-Conductor-Head-teacher and all the traveler-students get in the train. It’s […]

6 Things you may not know about MOOCs

Despite sounding like a Dr Seuss character, MOOCs are actually seriously learning tech. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course, and is typically offered as […]

Micro-credentials for teacher PD: Why? What? How?

Professional development is an essential part of the teaching profession — teachers are expected to remain lifelong learners. Naturally, this benefits their students because their […]

The power of ed-tech in the developing world

We focus a lot on the K-12 system of the United States in our blog, and I thought it would be fun and interesting to […]

Get inspired by Project Based Learning! 3 Awesome PBL case studies

We discussed constructivism a while back: in a nutshell constructivist teaching methods hold that students build knowledge through their experiences, rather than through instruction. The […]

Working memory exercises for students of all ages

Working memory, sometimes called short-term memory, is the part of your brain’s memory capacity that deals with immediate tasks. Remembering directions, where you saved the […]

Meet NEO at OEB 2017!

The only constant is change. This doctrine of change being central to the universe is thousands of years old, yet it seems so contemporary. In […]

How to create an LMS training program for schools: A step by step guide

In a previous post we chatted about the importance of training in order to achieve LMS success. The better training you provide to your staff, […]