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Leveling up in the ed-tech integration process

Grasping the distinction between blended learning and ed-tech integration is critical for teachers in the process of enhancing their lessons and classrooms with tech. Simply […]

Using a school LMS to deliver PD for teachers

Having a learning management system is almost a given in many schools today. From Kindergarten to high school, and also at university level, educators of […]

4 important questions teachers in the flipped classroom must answer

The flipped classroom is one of our favorite topics on this blog, because it is a simple concept with big results. “Flipped”, here does not […]

5 steps for implementing a 1:1 program

The concept of 1:1 has been around for quite a while, but didn’t quite catch on until recently, the major driver behind this being the […]

High tech e-learning without the high price

A natural response to the call by policy-makers to increase the use of technology in schools is cost. Many schools are struggling to provide quality […]

4 modern literacies students need to learn in school

The educational system needs to change and adapt to new challenges faster than it does. This urgent need for change has been recognized by simple […]

Schools must lead on developing digital citizenship

It seems somehow antiquated to speak of technology as if it is a distinct category of life experiences. Of course from an industrial or commercial […]

5 Basic ingredients to online learning success

In an effort to keep up with the fast-paced world driven by technological advances, the education system is including more and more technology into classrooms […]

The key elements of project-based learning

Most people today live in a world of projects. No matter what we do for a living, work projects are everywhere. We need to do […]

A further 4 ways to stimulate online learner engagement

Online learning is a terrific way to create stimulating learning environments for students. The variety of resources that can be included and the self-directed mode […]

Turning your face-to-face class into an online course [Part 1]

So you’ve decided to make the leap and convert your face-to-face (F2F) class into an online course. A daunting job, even for the most tech-literate […]

Turning your face-to-face class into an online course [Part 2]

In the previous post on this topic we looked at a few preparatory steps that you should take in order to prepare your objectives and […]