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7 Strategies to Support Anxious Children in the Classroom

Anxiety is a disorder that’s affecting several millions of people around the globe. Anxiety disorder usually begins during childhood. For this reason, it is important […]

Money and Education in America

a, a span {color: #000000; font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino, serif !important;} Time. Money. Education. Personal Investment. Thirteen years. That is the length of time for […]

Seven Tips To Make a Good Presentation Even More Effective

It is difficult to imagine a modern educational process without presentations. Both teachers and students prefer this way of presenting material as you can not […]

7 Ways Music Boosts Your Brain Power

Here’s a guest post from Zac Green, editor-in-chief over at popular music blog As we become increasingly obsessed with monitoring everything from our heart […]

Jot Down Tasks And Goals With Ease With To-Do List App | Noplag Review

What is is a cross-platform task management tool that was launched in 2011. It has got over 15 million users and last year […]

Walkthrough The Writing Process

a, a span {color: #000000; font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino, serif !important;} When it comes to understanding the skills required for succeeding in high school until […]

Cheating In Schools And Colleges: What Can We Do About It?

Unfortunately, there are only a few students out of hundreds who prefer not to cheat. The problem of cheating is one of the most difficult […]

Get Extra Features To Improve Preparation And Follow-up Of Meetings With WebEx – Powerful Collaborative Tool | Noplag Review

What is WebEx? WebEx is a web and video conferencing application that allows communicating anywhere and with anyone regardless the country he or she stays […]

Plagiarism Today: Why Plagiarism Is On The Rise

a, a span {color: #000000; font-family: 'book antiqua', palatino, serif !important;} In our modern world today, many tools have become available for our use. From […]

6 Biggest Wastes of Time You Will Regret Sooner or Later

Living in the era when time becomes even more valuable than the money it is difficult to realize how to allocate it reasonably. We not […]

Mindomo – Mind Mapping Software for Web, Desktop, iOS and Android | Noplag Review

Mindomo: what is it? Mindomo is considered to be a concept and mind mapping software that allows its users opt for collaboration as well as […]

Antiques of the Past; Libraries and their Roles in Education

If a picture speaks a thousand words then why are libraries still an ingrained part of our schools and education systems? In modern society, the […]