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Breaking news screen for e-learning

I asked uncle Google about fake news generator as I needed an inspiration for a news screen in one of the e-learning modules I was […]

A control room with After Effects touch

There’s so much joy to use just learnt knowledge in practice, don’t you think? That’s why I got so excited working onthis week’s challengewhich was […]

Superheroes, a kitten and store checkout process

There are some challenges, which once announced I know I need to participate in no matter what! And creating an interaction aroundstore checkout processwas this […]

Hand drawn style for an interactive dial in Storyline 360

Have you noticed these new hand drawn, sketchy visuals which started to appear onArticulate’s websiterecently? I’m huge fan of them as they are super eye-catching, […]

Great learning experience in Amsterdam

Have you ever considered your holiday as a trigger to design (better) e-learning interactions? Have you ever experienced something unusual during your free time that […]

Step away from your computer

Doodling is my not-so-regular hobby: it goes away and comes back with no warning signs. But luckily it was with me again forthissuper engaging challenge which […]

Interactive timeline for the European Union

There are 28 countries in the European Union (EU) but there will be 27 soon. You probably heard about Brexit – United Kingdom decided to […]

Animated mouse escaping from...Storyline

InArticulate challenge #76we were tasked to show a practical example of animation, which is an effective way to illustrate advanced processes and help learners visualize […]

Funny face eggs in memory game

One of my favouritee-learning challengeswas about to design a quiz or any activity using emoji. Isn't it a positive challenge? You already smile when you're reading about […]

Interactive polaroid camera and photo gallery

There are many ways of presenting graphics, videos and photos in e-learning. One of them is using image sliders to present any visual content. That […]

Magic napkin and London attractions

Another great e-learning challenge this week (Interactive maps – where do you live?) made me design…a magic napkin! I didn’t want to use the standard […]

Custom speech/thought bubbles in PowerPoint

Create your own cool speech/thought bubbles in PowerPoint for your future e-learning course or presentation. It is: super easy - PowerPoint is really powerful toolquick […]