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10 Reasons Your Child Can’t Concentrate In School (That Aren’t ADD)

Many children have trouble paying attention in class at some point in their academic career. When this happens, especially with young students, it leaves parents […]

6 Common Types Of Students To Enrol In Tutoring

When many parents consider tutoring programs, it’s usually because their child is struggling in a certain area or has recently gotten a poor report card. […]

11 Bad Study Habits To Avoid… And Become A More Successful Student

Your child just brought home his or her latest test results—and they’re not as good as you hoped. Your child studied the material…so what happened? […]

The 9 Most Frustrating Things About High School (According To Students)

Every student has thought it: “I hate high school” High school can be an overwhelming time for students, with more classes, harder assignments, and higher […]

How To Help Your Child Deal With School Stress

Kids of all ages can experience stress at school. Grades for college, an upcoming test or exam, homework assignments can all weigh on the minds […]

Cell Phones In The Classroom: Learning Tool or Distraction

These days, more and more students are bringing cell phones to class. Even elementary school-aged students have cell phones in their pockets and backpacks. But […]

Is Multitasking Bad For Students?

In today’s digital world, students have more and more things competing for their attention. With access to so much entertainment and information, students are often […]

Day Or Night: When Is The Best Time To Study?

Every student (and parent) knows it can sometimes be hard to sit down to tackle schoolwork, whether it’s completing a homework assignment or studying for […]

How To Encourage Good Reading Habits In Kids

Reading is one of the most fundamental skills children need to learn to be successful. Not only do good reading skills benefit students academically—they are […]

11 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Memory Power

Memory is an important part of building a solid foundation for learning, both in the classroom and beyond. Having a great memory can help your […]

10 Tips to Reduce Homework Stress

It’s no secret homework causes stress for many students. Whether it’s a big test around the corner or an upcoming deadline for an assignment, sometimes […]

Why Do Students Procrastinate?

You just found out that your child has big project… and it’s due tomorrow! Why do students put off a big project until the last […]