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Advantages of a Modern LMS for Restaurant Managers

Much like any other industry, the restaurant business continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Not only are so many new restaurants opening in major […]

The Need to Know About xAPI and Modern Learning Software

With digital learning systems continuing to evolve at a rapid rate, there is no surprise that many businesses and managers are not fully aware of […]

How to Leverage xAPI to Drive Business Decisions

With new learning systems and technologies coming out each year, it is interesting to see how businesses are using these systems to their advantage. And […]

Getting Started with Modern Learning​

Adopting a new method of teaching and learning is never easy, especially when businesses have been doing things a certain way for so many decades. […]

Train Across Generations with a Mobile LMS

While learning management systems offer a more intuitive, interactive and efficient way to train employees, it does not mean that the system is without challenges. […]

How YouTube has Changed Employee Training

In the past, employee training was based on personal interactions, guidebooks and seminars. Everything has changed with the advent of the internet, and the popularity […]

Advantages of Using a Modern LMS That Embraces xAPI Analytic

Learning management systems are evolving at a very fast pace. That is the beauty of e-learning, and it is why so many institutions and businesses […]

Just-In-Time Learning 101: Innovate, Educate & Empower Your Employees

A lot of people get confused about the meaning of just-in-time learning. But the concept is a lot simpler than most would imagine. The core […]

5 Ways to Get Started with Video-Based Learning

Where does an organization start when seeking to implement a video based learning system into their company strategy?

5 Ways to Successfully Communicate LTO’s to Your Restaurant Locations

Where does an organization start when seeking to utilize limited time offers (LTO’s) successfully across their restaurant locations?

5 Differentiators of Modern Learning Technology

Modern learning technology has brought about the introduction of innovative and remarkable tools used to retain more knowledge that can then be successfully reproduced in […]

Benefits of Going Mobile: How Digital Forms Effect Waste Reduction

Going mobile effectively reduces waste, which can save a company anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars annually, depending on the size of the company […]