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Animation Tools for eLearning

Not sure how best to animate your internal comms video? We’ve compiled a list of animation tools commonly used by the eLearning and design industries. […]

Drag-and-Drop: Why it’s time to let go

It seems everyone loves the drag-and-drop in eLearning. Beau takes a look at its long, complex history and why it needs to end. The origins of it […]

mLearning Round Table

Matt, Raf and Brenton discuss the considerations and unique characteristics of mLearning in our first eLearning round table conversation. “People are still trying to just […]

Falling trees, mountain biking and eLearning motivation

Motivation is something talked about in eLearning often, but how does it impact the way we think about, and design, eLearning courses? Raf explains the […]

Six Characteristics of Learner-Centred eLearning

There is an often overlooked fact about learning initiatives: “It’s the learners that do the learning.”   What I mean by this, is that “learning” […]

Click. Click. Click. [VIDEO]

This video is (sadly) based on a true story. In fact, we’ve probably all experienced this before. Its time to expect more from our eLearning […]

It’s not me, it’s you [VIDEO]

I wish I could say “it’s not you, it’s me”…. But I’m sorry, it is you. You’re boring. Whenever I see you I feel sad, […]

Corporate Comms: There has to be a better way [VIDEO]

It doesn’t matter if you’re communicating about a new project, product, system or any type of change in your company, you can find ways to use […]

Why ‘beauty is only skin deep’ is relevant to eLearning

How do you know if your eLearning module is a good one? Our aim as eLearning development professionals is to have you say “After people […]

Six Tips for More Engaging Induction Training

First impressions matter.  Most people starting a new job make an effort to dress nicely to impress their co-workers.  Are you making the same effort […]

10 Games Every Learning Pro Should Play

You’ve heard of gamification. Everyone has (and if you haven’t, just ask us.) However, some eLearning modules are passed off as games without proper consideration. […]

A New Partnership & A New Course Library

At Pure Learning it has always been our mission to produce great, effective eLearning for businesses. Part of this has always meant building a library […]