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Smart Proposals vs. Smart Vendors: Can You Tell the Difference?

In the quest to find the right eLearning vendor, it’s all too easy for a project sponsor be seduced by a proposal that sounds too […]

How Well Do You Know the Modern Learner?

There is a modern learner reality unfolding around you, presenting training implications you must understand. Tour our mini-explainer series to find out what makes these […]

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Checking Vendor References

The proposals from eLearning vendors are in and have been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated. Presentations were made. At this point, eLearning project sponsors may be […]

RFIs vs. RFPs: What's the Difference? And Which One Should You Use?

Choosing an eLearning vendor partner is a big decision. The way you arrive at that big decision will most likely involve a Request for Proposal […]

Does Your Training Work for the Modern Learner?

In the beginning, there was the worker. He (or she) had long stretches of time for focused attention, as well as limited access to media. […]

7 Mistakes That Lead to eLearning Project Failure [Infographic]

The first step to avoiding eLearning project mistakes is recognizing them in the first place. We've identified the seven most common mistakes that undermine eLearning […]

Is Your Training Synced With Strategic Objectives? [Template]

Training, done well, should help people do what it takes for their organization to reach its strategic goals. Otherwise, why would training exist? Once an […]

3 Things Your eLearning Vendor Won’t Tell You

eLearning vendors want to please. That can be a great thing for you, the client, in many respects. It can mean a sincere dedication to […]

Four Steps to Supercharge Your Account Management Training

In most companies, account managers (AMs) are critical, sales-generating resources.  Yet many companies—even those with large account management teams—skimp when it comes to account management […]

Four Smart Questions to Ask Before Starting an eLearning Project

Once you’ve decided your organization will benefit from eLearning, the temptation to simply get started can be very strong.  Starting too early, however, is one […]

Three Signs Your eLearning Project Is Headed for a Review Traffic Jam

Imagine you’re tasked with overseeing an eLearning project. There will be five different interim deliverables provided, each of which must be reviewed two or three […]

Three Proven Fixes for the Top Cause of eLearning Trouble

Last week we wrote about how getting multiple reviewers to agree on an eLearning deliverable is no easy task. In fact, the process of reviewing eLearning […]