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The Riptide Learning Blog focuses on talent development insights related to data-driven learning. We teach instructors how to harness the power of data and transform their learning and development program into a measurable one. Empowering learning is our passion.

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How To Capture Informal Learning Data to Tell The Complete Learning Story

Before we begin our dive into informal learning, it’s important to baseline that learning is happening everywhere. We’ll explore exactly what this means in a […]

Here's Why Learning Technology Doesn't Solve Anyone's Problems

We are all completely engulfed by a world of technology. On a day-to-day basis, we all use cellphones, computers, headphones, cars, and the list goes […]

3 Steps In Getting Buy-in For Corporate Learning Technology

Like any business function, whether it be accounting, marketing, business development, or sales, it’s important to stay on the cutting-edge of the skills and tools […]

What Everyone Should Know About Evaluating Learning Knowledge Transfer

There’s a cliché saying that knowledge is power. And if that’s true, are your learning and development efforts empowering people with knowledge that impacts behavior […]

Here’s How To Build The Best Surveys To Predict Learning’s Impact on Performance

Can you forecast training and development’s impact on performance? You sure can! There’s data available that predicts the amount of change in performance you can […]

The Secret To Measure Employee Behavior & Performance From Learning Data

Behavior and performance evaluation is arguably one of the most difficult things to measure from training. One of the reasons for this, is that business […]

Who Else Wants World-Class Training Based On Business Goals?

The path you take on a journey determines whether or not you’ll reach the destination. There are “multiple roads to Rome” but some of these […]

How To Begin Measuring Learning By Design

This may or may not surprise you - but there is a disconnect when it comes to business managers requesting training, and training professionals actually […]

The Ever-Changing Role of The Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Like most professional jobs go - as the world evolves, so do job responsibilities. The same is true for the role of the Chief Learning […]

The 3 Levels of Gamification for Corporate Learning

The thinking of “gamifying” learning and learning content has been a buzz topic in recent years. For some, gamification means taking pieces of learning content, […]

How To Design and Adopt a Blended Learning Program

Learning is continuously transforming, and the concept of “lifelong learning” has been around for awhile now. It is becoming an outdated idea to only think […]

The Learning Record Store: The First Step Toward the Future of Learning

  Every day the enterprise learning ecosystem becomes more complex making a few questions even more important for learning and development leaders.