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The Riptide Learning Blog focuses on talent development insights related to data-driven learning. We teach instructors how to harness the power of data and transform their learning and development program into a measurable one. Empowering learning is our passion.

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The Secret To Measure Employee Behavior & Performance From Learning Data

Behavior and performance evaluation is arguably one of the most difficult things to measure from training. One of the reasons for this, is that business […]

Who Else Wants World-Class Training Based On Business Goals?

The path you take on a journey determines whether or not you’ll reach the destination. There are “multiple roads to Rome” but some of these […]

How To Begin Measuring Learning By Design

This may or may not surprise you - but there is a disconnect when it comes to business managers requesting training, and training professionals actually […]

The Ever-Changing Role of The Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Like most professional jobs go - as the world evolves, so do job responsibilities. The same is true for the role of the Chief Learning […]

The 3 Levels of Gamification for Corporate Learning

The thinking of “gamifying” learning and learning content has been a buzz topic in recent years. For some, gamification means taking pieces of learning content, […]

How To Design and Adopt a Blended Learning Program

Learning is continuously transforming, and the concept of “lifelong learning” has been around for awhile now. It is becoming an outdated idea to only think […]

The Learning Record Store: The First Step Toward the Future of Learning

  Every day the enterprise learning ecosystem becomes more complex making a few questions even more important for learning and development leaders.

xAPI LRS Conformance - Why Should You Care?

Just last month, the LRS Conformance Test Suite for the Experience API (xAPI) was released, marking an important moment for the future of all learning […]

3 Reasons You Should View Your Learners as Customers

The marketing and sales sectors of businesses take a lot of time and effort learning about their customers and developing personas through big data.

xAPI 101 - What is xAPI/LRS?

If you’re part of the majority in the learning and development ecosystem, you might be wondering “What is xAPI”? Maybe you’ve heard the term through […]

Training Employees on New Software - What's the Best Way?

Asking employees to learn a new software can be a tricky ordeal. Depending on the software complexity, employees may not be thrilled to take time […]

Better Inform Your Training Evaluation (Part Two)

As you read this post, remember that learning technology is in a good position - enterprise giants and many social media platforms use activity streams […]