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Why Do You Teach? Answered by 11 Teachers

As a teacher, as with anything else you will definitely face some unique challenges. These challenges, small or major may sometimes make you consider quitting. […]

September 2017

Introduction Welcome to our First SAFSMS Newsletter. SAFSMS is designed to free up more time for teaching,  increase interaction in the classroom and help raise […]

Introducing SAFSMS Mobile: Manage your School from Anywhere

"Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called the gateways to human knowledge" - Ray Kurzweill Everywhere you turn to these days, there is a […]

February 2018

Editor's Note: Welcome. In this month’s issue, we discuss what to do when you forget your SAFSMS password. We introduce the new iOS version of SAFMobile that we’re […]

What Users are Saying About SAF School Management Software

When choosing School Management software, user reviews play a very important role. The main edge SAFSMS has over other solutions is the software's user-friendliness and […]

SAFSMS&You: Petty Cash Manager

The SAFSMS petty cash manager is in charge of monitoring daily expenditures in the school. With this feature, the Petty Cash Manager can configure the […]

5 Common Mistakes Most Schools Make: Admin Problems

These 5 common mistakes most schools make happen in even the best of the best schools.  Often times, you may think you are doing everything […]

Top 5: Readers Favorites for the Month

If you missed our last top 5 round up earlier in March, you can see it here. Since then, we've had a lot more awesome […]

4 Tips on Becoming a Memorable Teacher

We all have a favorite teacher that we'll never forget; the teacher that made us fall in love with our favorite subject, instilled in us […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

Dr. Stephen Covey’s highly rated book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” pinpoints some traits and principles for successful and personal growth in life. The […]

16 Best Educational Apps for Educators and Students

There are a lot of educational apps out there. Not many of them are easy to use or even relevant. We searched through a lot […]

October Newsletter

Introduction Hi there.  The October newsletter is out and ready for download. Just click the button below and enjoy. SAFSMS is designed to free up […]