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When you merge the learning sciences with highly skilled digital designers and a deep understanding of organisational learning needs, you get Savv-e. We’re an award-winning digital learning agency who geek out on everything learning and digital (and we’re not ashamed to admit it!). Our passionate and experienced team is ready to tackle your learning challenges and transform them into successful business outcomes.

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4 ways machine learning is improving web accessibility for everyone

Digital accessibility refers to the ease with which websites, media content and digital services can be accessed by the widest possible number of people. The […]

Are people managers as stressed as their people?

People managers are people too. For managers responsible for education, training and capability development, workplace stress is not just a learning topic that needs to […]

Savv-e shorts...little bites of e-learning wisdom

  Savv-e shorts from the Savv-e Team...little bites of e-learning wisdom to take you on your e-learning journey.

Learner data: introducing your new best friend

There’s a quote that’s been doing the rounds online in the last couple of years: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” 

Increasing value from your Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a foundational tool for the deployment and tracking of online courses. However, with increasing demand for more sophisticated deployment and […]

The social media dos and don'ts for your office Christmas party

With holidays just around the corner, the office Christmas party remains a great way for everyone to celebrate the wins of a long year and […]

How a corporate social media policy empowers your PR department.

Truth is, every company needs a social media policy. It’s not just an effective means of building an authentic and authoritative company presence online. A […]

How to create a sense of responsibility for cyber security via your staff

Cyber security involves the technologies, processes and practices behind protecting your information systems from attack, damage or unauthorised access. In today’s technology landscape and the […]

The 5 current cyber security issues Australian companies face

In 2016, we faced some of the biggest breaches all over the world. From Yahoo to Snapchat, many of the large scale attacks dealt significant […]

Memorable ways to share your workplace social media policy

Like a double edged sword, social media can swing either way for your business. Strong and consistent efforts on the part of your marketing team […]

Useful principles for building and improving a safety culture

Culture is more than a document collecting dust or a regular event in the calendar when you shout your team a box of doughnuts. It’s […]

What Australian companies need to know about the cost of stress in the workplace

Sometimes we’ve just got to get real about the business side of things. “Burnout” is the word we hear commonly in the entrepreneurial space. However, […]