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The AI glossary: 5 artificial intelligence terms you need to know | TechRadar - AI Week

TechRadar's AI Week is brought to you in association with Honor. "Get your terms straight" continues TechRadar. Photo: TechRadar - AI Week Artificial intelligence is […]

Artificial intelligence can ‘evolve’ to solve problems | Science Magazine

Photo: Matthew Hutson "Neural networks are using one more trick from nature" says Matthew Hutson, freelance science journalist in New York City.   Snippet: AI controlled […]

Seven Ways Cybercriminals Can Use Machine Learning | Forbes - Technology

"AI has given cybercriminals new ways to steal information, but there are things you can do to prevent it" reports Alexander Polyakov, CTO and Co-Founder […]

How machine learning engineers can detect and debug algorithmic bias | Boing Boing

Follow on Twitter as @doctorow "Ben Lorica, O'Reilly's chief data scientist, has posted slides and notes from his talk at last December's Strata Data Conference […]

Learn To Build Your Own Neural Networks With This Training Bundle | Interesting Engineering - Innovation - AI

This is a promotional article about one of the company partners with Interesting Engineering. By shopping with us, you not only get the materials you […]

Alpha Zero Teaches Itself Chess 4 Hours, Then Beats Dad | Science 2.0 - Life sciences

"Peter Heine Nielsen, a Danish chess Grandmaster, summarized it quite well. "I always wondered, if some superior alien race came to Earth, how they would […]

The scientific debates of the Vienna circle | The Economist - Books and arts

"Philosophy and science between the wars" appeared in the Books and arts section of the print edition under the headline "Talking heads"    Entrance to the […]

Maryam Mirzakhani Scholarship for Women | Financial Tribune - Art And Culture

In honor of the late award winning Iranian mathematician at Stanford University, Maryam Mirzakhani (1977-2017), Persia Educational Foundation, based in London, has established the ‘Persia Mirzakhani Scholarship for […]

Forgotten legacy of Aboriginal stockwomen becomes subject of PhD research | ABC Online - Indigenous - Just In

"After so many men were killed in the frontier wars, a burgeoning Australian pastoral industry turned to Aboriginal stockwomen" reports Nathan Morris, the features reporter […]

Artificial intelligence proves major time savings for federal employees | FederalNewsRadio.com - Technology

Photo: Jory Heckman "Federal agencies are embracing the idea of artificial intelligence, and in test cases, adopting machine learning has cut down on some of […]

Would Artificial Intelligence Guide Education or Grab It? | American Spectator

America’s educationists seem to be getting carried away, one fears. Photo: Robert Holland What is artificial intelligence (AI), and should we welcome it as a […]

Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse: Scientists Simulate Superintelligence in Video Game and the AI Takes Over | Newsweek - Tech & Science

"Scientists simulate what the introduction of advanced artificial intelligence into society would look like" inform Anthony Cuthbertson, staff writer at Newsweek, based in London.  The […]