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Helping Students Make the Right Call on Cell Phones | Faculty Focus

Photo: Pete Burkholder "Much has been written, both in Faculty Focus and elsewhere, about cell phones in the classroom" says Pete Burkholder, professor of history […]

Smoother career re-entry with online learning | MIT News

MIT News writes, "MITx course and internships help STEM professionals return after a break from the workforce to care for family." Ruchi Garg re-entered the […]

Making the Business Case for Going Digital | Training Magazine Network

In today’s technologically charged business world, organizations must quickly adapt to emerging technologies or risk being left behind. Technology is necessary to remain competitive and […]

Gen Z Students Ditch Lockers in the Age of Digital Learning | WUNC

"The bell rings at Granville Central High School to signal lunch time on a recent afternoon. Hundreds of students pour into the hallways carrying bright-colored […]

DIGITAL CITIZENS: Whitko observes best practices on internet | The Post & Mail

"September 11 through 15th is not only Homecoming Week for Whitko Community Schools, it is also a celebration designed to launch an ongoing effort to […]

Jetblue tech boss: our future is digital | Buying Business Travel

Eash Sundaram, executive vice-president and CIO of US carrier Jetblue, told delegates at London’s Aviation Festival that partnerships with Silicon Valley tech companies are a […]

Social media helps students learn scientific argumentation better | Science Daily

University of Kansas. "Social media helps students learn scientific argumentation better: Students who took part in social media program learned better than peers who did […]

Teachers in Non-Traditional Classrooms Value Digital Tools for Personalized Learning | T.H.E. Journal

Follow on Twitter as @THEJournalDave "Teachers in flipped, blended and virtual classrooms see greater value in digital learning tools than their counterparts in traditional classrooms […]

5 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing To Study Online | Junkee - Uni - Campus

"More and more universities are upgrading their offerings to include classes, units and whole degrees that can be completed from home – or wherever there’s […]

Brain-Machine Interface Isn't Sci-Fi Anymore | WIRED - Backchannel

"Thomas Reardon puts a terrycloth stretch band with microchips and electrodes woven into the fabric—a steampunk version of jewelry—on each of his forearms. “This demo […]

Beyond FinFET: The Research Alliance’s Plans for Microprocessor Evolution | Evolving Science - Computer Science & Technology

Photo: Deirdre O’Donnell "FinFET-based computer processors are one of the great breakthroughs of this age. Their form factors and architectures have allowed for the development […]

The sustainable scientist | Science Magazine

Photo: Jeffrey McDonnell Jeffrey J. McDonnell, professor in the School of Environment and Sustainability reports, "After I started out in a university faculty position nearly […]