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ShareKnowledge is a Learning Management System built on SharePoint. Find useful information about our product along with blogs that cover how to use SharePoint for training.

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Why usability is so important when choosing an LMS

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the fancy bells and whistles of a learning management system. During a demo of the LMS you […]

Breaking Down Internal Communication Methods Using SharePoint

Internal communications is a very important part of your business and for many years SharePoint has played a big role in achieving a centralized, cohesive […]

Top Social Learning LMS Features | ShareKnowledge

A few years ago we were all jumping on the social learning bandwagon because it was the next ‘big thing’ in training. Some companies jumped […]

Standard operating procedures in SharePoint is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Love them or hate them, standard operating procedures are a necessity for running a successful business. Each year, we are faced with more and more […]

Harnessing SharePoint as a Performance Support Tool

With increased focus on ROI by Learning and Development teams and businesses seeking clear and demonstrable gains, the usage of performance support tools is finally […]

ShareKnowledge’s matrix report steps up to the challenges of heavy industry and construction

The construction industry is on the rise and the US Dept. of Labor projects that it will grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster […]

Reporting just got better with ShareKnowledge

Get more detailed info from your training reports Reporting is a very important piece of the LMS puzzle which is why ShareKnowledge is constantly adding […]

Elements of LMS Gamification

The workplace has changed dramatically throughout the years and no other generation like the Millennials have changed the landscape in such a profound way. Those […]

Flipped Classroom Functionality using SharePoint

For decades we’ve become accustomed to going to class, learning a subject and then taking study materials home. About five years ago, a new concept […]

SharePoint Learning Management System is changing the way we train

It’s true, we’re always looking for the next best thing in training. But that doesn’t always mean ‘better.’ SharePoint has been around for a very […]

What is a Microsoft LMS?

Microsoft has numerous products that it would make sense that there would be a Microsoft LMS, right? Well, the short answer is ‘sort of’ to […]

ShareKnowledge releases latest version 5.0

With each new version, the ShareKnowledge training system gets better and better. This time around, customers will be introduced to a new course rating feature, […]