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Practice and feedback for deeper learning

Dr Patti Shank is a leader in evidence-based learning. We're excited about the release of her book Practice and feedback for deeper learning, and Patti […]

Developing a digital mindset for L&D: Enabling flexibility

Digital technologies offer a powerful way to enable flexible learning experiences for learners and organisations. Digital technologies mean that learning is accessible from anywhere, at […]

Developing a digital mindset for L&D: Increasing interaction

This theme is closely related to the automation theme. As I was doing the research and thinking for this section I remembered there was a […]

Developing a digital mindset for L&D: New ways of collaborating

Digital technologies have had a profound effect on how we communicate and collaborate with each other. In the first stage of the internet’s existence, email […]

Developing a digital mindset for L&D: Media-rich experiences

When I was planning this guide I wrestled with adding a section on media because television was invented way back in 1928, and radio in […]

Developing a digital mindset for L&D: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to talk about the practice of interconnecting the physical world – with its sensors and actuators […]

Developing a digital mindset for L&D: Getting things done

Software and hardware development have given us a series of powerful ways of operating, especially around project management, that would be useful for learning and […]

Developing a digital mindset for L&D: Test-driven cultures

  Digital businesses have strong test-driven cultures that L&D can learn from. A test-driven culture means changes are constantly being made, data is being collected […]

The 70:20:10 model and learning transfer

Learning transfer professional Emma Weber is our guest on this episode of the Learning While Working podcast. Emma talks about the need to focus on […]

Artificial intelligence and machine learning for L&D

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a widely used term for an extremely broad set of technologies. AI, at its core, is about designing software to […]

Designing learning dashboards

This episode is for learning professionals who are ready to dive deeper into their learning data. Robin speaks with Stewart Rogers from Lambda Solutions about […]

How to use interactive video for eLearning

  The growth of video eLearning keeps on accelerating. Using video in your learning experiences provides a more immersive experience and gives your learners more […]