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Employability skills for the future of work

In this episode you will learn from Paul Kearney about the importance of employability skills and how to develop them in your people. Paul has […]

Webinar - Developing a digital mindset for L&D

  This webinar is based on our free eBook Developing a digital mindset: Powerful methods to disrupt learning.  Digital technologies are disrupting business. But it’s […]

3 ways to organise interactive content in eLearning

This is a follow-up blog post with more detailed content from our webinar on How to make your eLearning more interactive. There are three common […]

How to link performance and learning, using gamification and microlearning

In the podcast you will hear about how GamEffective has linked workplace performance with learning, using microlearning and gamification.       Roni Floman talks about how […]

An interview with JD Dillon about continuous learning

In this interview, Robin talks with JD Dillon about continuous learning and how it links with personalised learning. Subscribe using your favourite podcast player or […]

How to design an eLearning scenario

Learning something new means doing a task or activity in a different way. It means making decisions in a different way. It’s not just knowing […]

xAPI doesn't solve all your learning measurement problems

  From doing our podcasts about xAPI and learning data I’ve realised that one of the great myths about xAPI is that it solves all […]

Webinar – Designing 70:20:10 learning campaigns

    We know that one-off learning events or experiences don't work. Learning is not transferred into practice and most learning is not used on […]

Learning technologies for learning while working

‘Learning while working’ means that learning is part of the flow of work, not separate from it. Most often, an LMS is somewhere that an […]

What is broken with eLearning?

An interview with Matt Smith from Pure Learning about some of the issues facing eLearning professionals today. Subscribe using your favourite podcast player or RSS […]

Webinar: How to make your elearning more interactive

  Elearning has so much potential to transform learning. However, what often happens is that elearning is just a content-focused, passive experience in which learners […]

Practice and feedback for deeper learning

Dr Patti Shank is a leader in evidence-based learning. We're excited about the release of her book Practice and feedback for deeper learning, and Patti […]