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Three Reasons to Start Your Own Podcast … Today!

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, we take a look at the brand new TeacherCast.net website and share three reasons why you might be […]

STEM Education for All Educators: What is Block-Based Coding?

Welcome to Beyond the Hour of Code, the podcast to help you use programming to teach core content. I am Sam Patterson and in today's […]

How to add a blog or comments box in New #GoogleSites using @Padlet

When working with New Google Sites, there are two questions that consistently come up from both teachers and web developers.  The first question, is "How […]

Top 10 (Plus 1) @MinecraftEDU Educators To Follow in 2018 | @playcraftlearn

Here are 11 of the best educator resources to follow on twitter if you are interested in Minecraft Education. The post Top 10 (Plus 1) […]

Are you prepared to save the Princess? How can you change your future with only 15 seconds?

Whenever anything bad happens in the world ... wherever trouble can be found ...  the good guys always find a way to win. The post […]

I want you to hit me as hard as you can. What can we learn from Fight Club?

The scene starts with Brad's character, Tyler Durden, approaches Edwards character, listed only as "The Narrator."  He says "I want you to hit me as hard […]

Should Your School District Have A Podcast? Learn One Elementary Schools Success Story Today!

Learn how your school or school district can create it's very own podcast to support your teachers, students and create a positive brand for your […]

How Can We Use WordPress To Create Our School District Website? Featuring @camworld

In today's show, we ask the question “How can our school districts use WordPress as our main website platform?” The post How Can We Use […]

What is the difference between doing a podcast and doing a radio show? Featuring @robgreenlee

Rob Greenly from the New Media Show stops by the show to discuss the differences between Radio and Podcasting. The post What is the difference […]

Can Google Slides Teach Students about Coding and Programming? OF COURSE!

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we take a look at Google Slides and discover how useful they can be in the classroom beyond […]

Learn how Google Slides can Create Awesome Animation Projects!

I am a big fan of Google Slides because it is such a flexible platform. I can set-up sequential lessons, build spaces for reflection as […]

Learn why Hapara is the perfect tool for any school district wishing to properly and effectively manage their GAfE environment. | @hapara_team

Jeff sits down with Jack West to discuss why Hapara is the perfect tool for any school district wishing to properly and effectively manage their GAfE […]