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The Recovery Process: How Houston’s School District Plans on Moving Forward

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc throughout the Houston School District – the largest public school district in Texas and the seventh-largest in the U.S. – forcing […]

Should Teachers and Tech Companies Work Together?

This week on the TechEducator Podcast we discuss a recent New York Times article that focused on the topic of Teacher Ambassador Programs. The post […]

5 Must-have Items for your Back to School Makerspace by @Eduporium

So, you’ve gotten past the first week or so and now you’re ready to lead some serious learning. If you haven’t set up a makerspace […]

Is Your School Interested in Robotics? Check out our full review of GoPiGo from @dexterind

The GoPiGo is the simple Raspberry pi-based starter robot you have been looking for. The post Is Your School Interested in Robotics? Check out our […]

Why is it important to teach our students the art of typing? | @LearningDotCom

In this episode of the TeacherCast App Spotlight, we discuss the art of teaching students how to properly become expert keyboardist with Jeff Meyer, the […]

Are you ready to Release your Leadership Brilliance?

In this episode, we discuss the transformation from classroom teacher to educational leadership and how you can safely navigate through the heard of issues surrounding […]

Why Teachers Will Never Be Replaced By Robots

Self driving cars, online banking, travel planning websites; even surgery is being performed by robots these days. With so many people loosing their jobs to […]

Microbit: the Little Board that Could

At long last, the Microbit is available in the US. This is an amazing platform for programming and you can do so MANY THINGS with […]

What is todays State of Teacher Professional Learning? | @CorwinPress

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast we sit down with Mike Soules and Dr. Sonja-Hollins Alexander from Corwin to discuss a recent surgery of […]

How Can I Be An Effective Mentor To My Peers?

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we discuss the topic of mentoring and coaching from a variety of angles including the Student/Teacher relationship, Technology […]

Learn why Wordly Wise has been a leader vocabulary and reading comprehension for millions of students. | @SchoolSpecialty

For the last 50 years, Wordly Wise has been a world leader in helping students learn how to read. In today's show, we explore how […]

Why should both teachers and students focus more on #making and #play this school year.

As I start the new school year, I find myself looking back on a crazy summer that came and went very quickly.  My triplets have […]