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Teaching English Online: Thoughts on a Teaching Niche 4 Years On and Saying NO!!!

One of my earlier posts on this blog was about teaching niches. This and other similar posts gained a lot of traction. I argued that […]

My 3-Month Facebook Ad Experiment and Quick Tips to Help You Get This Right

In Spring of this year, I knew that I was going to have a busy summer. We had a trip to Connecticut planned, were moving […]

New Ideas for My Online Teaching Business

In the book, The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth, James Altucher talks about the power of coming up with new ideas. I’m constantly thinking about new […]

Online Teachers: What’s Stopping You from Earning More?

One of my first posts talked about how starting your own teaching business gives you the potential to earn more. The reason is simple: you […]

A Simple yet Powerful Way to Build a Teaching Business on the Side (English or any Language)

“I want to do online teaching in the future, but I’m ready to jump in just yet.” This is something I hear often. And I […]

The BOTS Are Coming: What I Learned Setting Up a Messenger Bot for English Learners

On Sunday morning, I had an hour or so to do some work. I considered writing out video ideas for the week, finalizing my course, […]

3 Lessons I’ve Learned Creating My New Online Course | Read or Watch This Before You Create Your Own

Since 2015, I have focused solely on creating and selling online courses. The main reason is this: I can help people at scale and grow my […]

A Long-Term SEO Strategy for Online Teachers

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way that we can attract learners into our lessons and courses. For example, if your website shows on the first […]

Setting Up a Teaching Business and Don’t Know What to Do About Taxes? Watch This…

People constantly ask me about how taxes work when building a teaching business. I also get questions regarding registering a business and becoming self-employed. Here is […]

Teaching Online in 2017: What’s Changed, What’s the Same, and What You Need to Focus On

In 2013, I wrote various posts on how we can market ourselves as online teachers and sell our lessons and courses. Nearly four years later, some […]

2016 Review and Goals for 2017 (Did I Double Sales and Grow My List by 400%?)

Welcome to the fourth post in this yearly review series. At the end of each year, I look back on what I’ve achieved and learned […]

Teach English in Spain: My Experience and Some Quick Tips

I was sent a request to talk about my time teaching English in Spain. And as I was feeling in a good mood this morning, […]