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A site for e-learning technologists and researchers. This site covers the three key areas for all e-learning specialists, teaching, research and admin. The site looks at the use of e-learning tools such as twitter for research, Mendeley for referencing and Nvivo for research discussion. There is also a focus on the use of iPads, SEO and social media and the impact these tools have made to the realm of higher education. Hence this site is aimed at higher education professionals who are constantly looking at how tools can be used in a multitude of ways for the development of innovative research and engaging pedagogy.

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Five tips for writing your Methodology section

Think about your Methodology carefully. Most academics have their own approaches to examining PhDs, some will start from the conclusion and work their way back, […]

guilty, as charged

A lot of academics I know are in similar positions to this. Looking at this from the perspective of guilt is pretty unique though! patter […]

Greetings from Bodo

Nord University, Bodo Greetings, it has been a good long few months since my last blog post and as the academic year looms fast I […]

What are the odds of getting published?

Some good advice here and in my view the focus is always on resilience. Very useful for academics! Milly Schmidt How many times have you plugged […]

Enjoying your viva

Interesting thoughts by the Thesis Whisperer. Mirrors some of my own reflections of the Viva. The key takeaway is not to panic! The Thesis Whisperer […]

Interview skills for Qualitative research

Interview skills The majority of research in social science is carried out via a Qualitative approach, where the key research method is either the collection of multiple […]

What is phenomenology?

“Experience by itself is not science” (Edmund Husserl) Phenomenology, a word that strikes “fear” into the heart of every qualitative researcher. A lot of this […]

What is snowball sampling?

There are many many different ways to develop your sampling strategy. In the past I have spoken about some of these in detail, for example […]

What is normal?

I think this also applies to academics who publish journals and books. Maximum exposure is essential and blogging is a tool which can help develop […]

Book Launch!!

First of all I would like to send everyone my very best wishes for 2017. I blogged a few months ago about a book chapter […]

Using Mobile Devices for Research

One of the most daunting tasks for any budding researcher is the data collection process as part of your study. For many researchers this is […]

What is Purposive sampling?

Finding my sample Finding the right people at the right time is crucial in collecting data that is usable, viable and valuable. In this post […]