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The Advantexe Advisor Blog - providing a deep and applicable understanding of the system of business. We focus on providing tips, information and insight regarding business acumen skill development and the use of live and web-based learning tools. Our core focus is the use of simulation, both off and online to help users apply newly learned business skills in realistic and relevant business ecosystems.

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The 3 Critical Business Acumen Skills for an Outsourcing Culture

While the concept of “Outsourcing” for things such as payroll, benefits, and telemarketing has been around for decades, only recently has it become mainstream for […]

The Business Acumen Value of Customer Service

In the Digital Age where the continued investment of major capital has been focused on scalability, volume, and growth, the concept of customer service has […]

Stop Challenging Your Team, Start Being Challenged by Them

Over the past month, I’ve conducted five multi-day Leadership Development programs with senior-level leaders coming from a wide variety of organizations including Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Mining, […]

3 Things That Killed Leading by Example 

“Larry” was sitting there for at least 10 minutes staring at the computer screen trying to absorb the feedback and lessons from the Fundamental of […]

3 Business Leadership Tips to Help Drive Strategic Alignment

As part of the design and development process to build new Business Leadership simulations,  Advantexe conducts in-depth interviews with top global leaders about their challenges […]

Truth in Business Leadership Matters More than Ever

Responsibility and accountability are much more than business leadership jargon; in some cases, they may mean life or death.  Last week, news came out that […]

The Business Acumen Drivers that Killed Toys “R” Us

The way-too-easy narrative is that Amazon killed Toys “R” Us. That simply isn’t true, it’s not fair and it’s lazy from a Business Acumen learning […]

Are You Leading an Anti-Innovative Culture?

Much has been written about creating, supporting, and nurturing a “Culture of Innovation.”  A Culture of Innovation is an organization full of leaders who feel […]

Moving Away from the Competing on Price Mindset

At a very tactical level, one of the most important components of having strong Business Acumen skills is the knowledge that price isn’t everything.  As […]

Earning Customer Trust is More than Three Words

New professionals entering the work force hear the words but may not understand how to do it.  Experienced professionals who think they may have been […]

What Your Coffee Teaches You About Brand Strength 

There are certain things in life where brand matters more than commoditization.  When you get to the core of any business strategy, the primary goal […]

The Disruption in Talent Development

It is Creeping Up in 30 Second Increments Last week, I shared a blog called “The Potential Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence-Driven Learning” which turned out […]