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The Advantexe Advisor Blog - providing a deep and applicable understanding of the system of business. We focus on providing tips, information and insight regarding business acumen skill development and the use of live and web-based learning tools. Our core focus is the use of simulation, both off and online to help users apply newly learned business skills in realistic and relevant business ecosystems.

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How to Communicate a Strategy When You Don’t Agree with It

On Tuesday, I published a blog called Developing Accountability for Strategies Leaders May Not Agree With.  The focus was developing the skills of people who […]

Develop Accountability for Strategies Leaders May Not Support

As readers of this blog know, one of the objectives of publishing it twice a week is to identify and provide practical insights and tips […]

Digesting the Apple X Strategy

As readers of this blog know, one of my primary objectives is to use this as a forum for continuing our learning, dialogues, and application […]

Why Is Gaining Business Alignment So Difficult?

Last week I conducted a Business Leadership workshop for a group of high performing leaders at an industry association leadership development conference.  In preparation for […]

What Business Professionals Should Know about Cryptocurrency

One of the most important aspects of having a strong Business Acumen is being able to recognize and understand new ideas and trends in the […]

For Advantexe, a Labor of Client Focus on Business Results

The major holidays of the year – Winter Break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving – are wonderful times to pause from the daily grind […]

Is your sales team building empathy for small business owners?

Courtney Meggs was having another tough day.  As the founder and owner of Brew Squared, a new neighborhood shop that brews homemade coffees for customers […]

Building Leadership Trust by Knowing the Right Answers

As we all know, leadership can be defined many ways and includes dozens of different terms including standards such as showing empathy, having resilience, developing […]

The Business Acumen Rules of Diminishing Returns

One of the most important and basic pillars of having a strong business acumen competency is understanding how to make the best decisions that align […]

5 tips to Develop the Skill of Saying No

One of the weightiest leadership challenges facing all leaders today is trying to do more with less in a world that both sets higher expectations […]

4 Applicable Ideas for Leading Change

Today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business world demands that effective business leaders have strong and fine-tuned change leadership skills as the foundation to their […]

Feeling Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable

5 Business Leadership Tips Every day around the world, business leaders in all shapes, sizes, and roles are facing an acceleration of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, […]