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The Advantexe Advisor Blog - providing a deep and applicable understanding of the system of business. We focus on providing tips, information and insight regarding business acumen skill development and the use of live and web-based learning tools. Our core focus is the use of simulation, both off and online to help users apply newly learned business skills in realistic and relevant business ecosystems.

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Business Leadership & “I’m going to be Totally Transparent Now…”

We all hear and participate in the business jargon and have either become immune to it or are completely amused by it.  I personally like […]

The Consequences of Crossing the Value Proposition Line

A business organization is only successful if it can deliver a clear and powerful value proposition to its customers.  Whether you follow the strategic frameworks […]

Reinventing the Business Organization, Reinventing Skills

As readers of the blog hopefully know, I use this as a forum to share Business Acumen, Business Leadership, and Strategic Business Selling insights, ideas, […]

Why Your Leadership is So Angry; It’s about Common Sense

If you are an individual contributor or a mid-level leader in a global business, you may have noticed that your leaders - the people you’re […]

Skill, Will, and Business Acumen

One of the classic and most revered frameworks in all leadership development is theHershey / Blanchard Skill Will Matrix.  This framework presents leaders with a […]

3 Tips to Maintaining Long-Term Business Relationships

Maintaining the Long-Game in a Short-Game World

Retaining Good People Through a Change in the Business

It’s no secret that we have now exceeded all reasonable expectations for what living in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world should be […]

How Business Acumen Skills help us to Work Hard and Smart

Every Monday morning around the world, in millions of business offices, a version of the following conversation can be heard. “How was the weekend?” “It […]

Having the Business Skills to Define a “Product” in the Digital Age

I recently read an excellent blog by Arindam Bhattacharya a Senior Partner and Director at the Boston Consulting Group titled “How Digital is Redefining the Meaning […]

Is Trashing and Going Around the Key Decision Maker a Good Idea?

Probably Not!!  As readers of this blog know, the majority of the insights, stories, and key learnings I present for consumption are based on our […]

A New View on Having Hard Business Conversations

Every day, millions of business professionals are purposely avoiding having hard conversations with employees and colleagues because it’s uncomfortable, awkward, and there is a fundamental […]

Practicing your Value Proposition and Messaging Pitch

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business world, customers are bombarded about 17,000 messages a day.  Between emails, voice mails, robo-calls, social media, pop-up […]