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Why eLearning Works: 3 Stunning Statistics For 2017

eLearning is one of the single most powerful methods of instruction. Whether you’re educating new employees about company policies, training them on new machines or […]

Understanding The Power Of Interactivity For Learning And Professional Development

For years, educators have understood the power of interactivity when it comes to learning – whether in a classroom, or an online interactive eLearning program. […]

Product Release – May 2017

In Schoox, we’re always excited to announce new product features! Today, we have put out our Product Release for May 2017 which introduces amazing additions […]

Corporate Training Methods: What Works Best

Lots of businesses invest in corporate training for their staff since they see it as a fantastic way to create a great team and improve […]

Product Release – April 2017

Every day, our team acts on feedback and finds new ways to develop Schoox, with new features and enhancements.  We often hear from our customers […]

Product Release – February 2017

New Year’s resolutions are always a good opportunity to look back and evaluate choices and changes. Well, now was our chance to sit down and […]

Is E-learning As Corporate Training the Correct Way ?

With 77 percent of U.S. businesses currently offering on-line corporate coaching applications, e learning is quickly becoming a vital tool for employee training and company […]

What Will Employee Development Be Like In 100 Years?

One facet of resource management is effective resource scheduling, which can be a complicated task. Efficient resource scheduling means utilizing the best available resources by […]

Let Us Change with the Times

Online training has a number of advantages for businesses who deal with the problems of supplying effective training to their staff on a continuing basis. […]

How Technology Is Changing How We Treat a Learning Management Software.

When choosing a learning management system, a simple-to utilize UI – ‘user interface’ is just the key to a sustainable online system. Why? With a […]

Product release – September 2016

The summer was very creative for us here in Schoox. We have released some very important features in September: Career Paths Suggested Courses Configure Tools […]

4 Expert Learning Insights to Improve Your Employee eTraining Outcomes

eTraining has been on a growth trajectory for the past few years. In fact, one-third of companies are increasing their budgets for learning and development. […]