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The people at Saffron are passionate about e-learning. We are not interested in adding to the mountain of dull, mind-numbing ‘e-telling’ that often masquerades as e-learning. We want your people to be inspired, to be energised, to make the right choices and to take action. This is why we are in business. As well as consistently producing award-winning e-learning, over the past two years we have pioneered mobile learning, social learning and blended learning. We are always exploring the possibilities offered by new technologies and methodologies to create bespoke solutions, tailor made for the organisation and the learner. Our business is based on our belief that learning is natural, that a love of learning is normal, that real learning is passionate learning and that learning should be fun. This idea values questions above answers…creativity above fact regurgitation…individuality above uniformity…and excellence above standardised performance. However we evolve, you can rest assured that all our learning solutions embody these principles. Saffron is the proud recipient of these awards: - Instructional Designer of the Year 2013 - Learning Technology Solution of the Year 2011 - Best Custom Content 2010 - Instructional Designer of the Year 2010 - e-Learning Project of the Year 2008 - External Project of the Year 2008 - Most Innovative New Product in e-Learning 2007 - Most Accessible e-Learning Solution 2005 - Young Professional of the Year 2005

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Saffron named Top 20 Gamification company for fourth year running

Saffron Interactive has once again been acknowledged as a ‘Top 20 Gamification Company‘ by Training Industry, remaining on the list since its inception. Saffron’s inclusion in […]

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40% of your staff could be thinking of leaving… If they’re not getting the right training, that is. If you’re not developing your team properly, […]

Saffron Interactive stays at the cutting edge with 10 years “Accredited Learning Technologies” status

Saffron Interactive, a leading provider of transformational digital learning experiences, is entering its tenth consecutive year of accreditation by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI). […]

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