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How Top SaaS Companies Increase Customer Retention & Success using Online Courses

Why do so many software companies make it painfully difficult to understand how to use their tool? I’m sure you’ve experienced this. In fact, it […]

How to Use Link Building to Increase Traffic to Your Website

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can use a popular SEO strategy to increase the search engine ranking of your course […]

Building Trust with Your Course Landing Page (Trust Series Part 1)

This is the first of 5 posts in a series about building trust to convert your existing audience into paying customers. Sign up for to […]

How to Build a Successful Membership Site on Thinkific (Josh Stanton & Rob Galvin Interview)

Thinkific Content Manager Tyler Basu interviews Thinkific customers Josh Stanton & Rob Galvin to discuss how they built a successful membership site using Thinkific. About […]

How to Improve the Video Production Quality for Your Online Course (Without Breaking the Bank)

I get it! Recording professional videos isn’t cheap. And if you don’t believe that paying for high video production quality will be worth the investment, […]

How to Use Storytelling to Sell Online Courses (Interview with Park Howell)

Thinkific Content Manager Tyler Basu interviews Park Howell, Founder of The Business of Story, on how to use the power of storytelling to define your brand, […]

Built-In SSL for all Thinkific course sites

Your car just broke down and you need to get it fixed. You head to the nearest mechanic and they give you a quote. But […]

Dr. Carrie Rose: How to Maximize Completion & Engagement Rates in Your Online Courses

Thinkific Content Manager Tyler Basu interviews online education expert Dr. Carrie Rose on how to increase student engagement and completion rates in online courses. About […]

How to Sell More Online Courses Through Rapid Content Creation

Selling your online courses through paid advertising can be effective, but when it comes to building trust and rapport with your audience, nothing beats high quality […]

How to Turn a Disappointing Online Course Launch Into a Raving Success

So you didn’t see that coming, did you? I mean after spending several weeks creating your online course and happily launching it to the world, […]

Marya Jan: How to use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Online Courses

Thinkific Content Manager Tyler Basu interviews Facebook Advertising expert Marya Jan on how to use Facebook Ads to promote your online courses and increase your […]

Michael Port: Public Speaking Skills & Online Course Creation

Thinkific CEO Greg Smith interviews best-selling author and public speaking expert Michael Port on how to improve your public speaking skills for online course creation. […]