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Showcasing effective edtech integration in the classroom and beyond, with ideas for iPads, digital gamification, action research and emerging technologies.

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Start faculty meetings with a student presentation

#gamechanger The growing trend of increasing student voice and choice in schools is opening authentic opportunities for dialogues between students and adults. Students, when given […]

The 8th grade consultants shaping education at Burke Town School

The power of the student consult If you’re wondering what engages, excites and motivates students, the answer is easy: ask them. Creating opportunities for students […]

Kick off project-based learning with a community event

Hope launches in the Northeast Kingdom As part of participating in the UN’s Global Goals, students at Burke Town School, in West Burke VT, kicked […]

How to run a unit across multiple schools

Get organized, then get tech Many of your current — or future — collaborators teach at other schools around the state or world. But when […]

Sharing your school’s Passion Projects

Does your community know you as a learner? Flood Brook School buzzed with excitement. Students brought in their projects on tables or on carts, the […]

3 tech-rich ways to study local history

Place-based learning with real world implications For your students, learning about the local landscape can be amazing. What’s that tree? How long has that building […]

Unpacking a great action research project

A tale of research-driven change Last year two educators at Crossett Brook Middle School undertook an amazing action research project that directly improved their interactions […]

4 key concepts for families about proficiency-based reporting

Parenting students in a world without grades Proficiency reporting is a set of legal requirements that all Vermont high schools must meet before 2020. In […]

Having the hard conversations in Southern Vermont

Paragraph of teaser text here: 100 words maximum that sit above the fold, akin to the topic paragraph of an essay, answering the all-important question: […]

Using PearDeck in a proficiency-based environment

Looking at tech tools for formative assessment In a proficiency-based learning environment, frequent, flexible, and transparent assessments become cornerstones of the practice. The importance of […]

Are you a “Learning Maximizer”?

How getting to know our students powers up personalization How do you maximize student learning? What are the ways we can do this, and how […]

The rise of the project-based PLP

A new recipe for Personalized Learning Plans Rather than trying to get students to care about existing PLPs, some schools are revamping their PLP process […]