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The #everydaycourage of staying curious in the face of negative feedback

Feedback often feels like criticism. But what if we used it as an opportunity to grow? In third grade, I had my own time-out chair […]

4 ways Vermont educators are sharing their practice

The #everydaycourage of being seen Take the iconic back-to-school prompt for students — what I did on my summer vacation — and give it a twist. Imagine […]

#everydaycourage and trauma-informed education

#everydaycourage is always around us if we can slow down to notice it. I spent many years working in a therapeutic school with teens who […]

The #everydaycourage of talking about race in Vermont schools

How will your students prepare for active engagement in democracy? Last spring Christie Nold, a 6th grade teacher at Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School, was […]

How to start a difficult conversation

Conversations begin at home. And at the bus stop. Also the market. And– So much of the change we need to see right now can […]

The Crossett Brook Queer-Straight Alliance

Think middle schoolers are too young for a QSA? Think again At the Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) at Crossett Brook Middle School in Duxbury, Vermont, […]

Diverse books for conversations around identity

The birth of a YA teacher’s book club “Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. You’ve just got to keep […]

The #everydaycourage of sharing our work as educators

3 ways to de-privatize our practice My first teaching job was in the library at a large, open-concept elementary school in Howard County, Maryland. The […]

#vted leads the way with #everydaycourage

School leadership in turbulent times As schools prepare to welcome students through their doors, many educators are researching how to talk with their students about […]

What it looks like when students teach

“It really is nice being able to teach others. I know that I had an effect on them.” The Essex STEM Academy, at Essex High […]

How to use Google Docs so students talk to you

Using technology to help build relationships Remember when you were in middle school? How awkward did you feel, asking a teacher for help with everyone […]

A Developmental Designs approach to student-directed learning

It takes a courageous village In order for student centered learning to happen, we have to invest in explicitly teaching (and reteaching) routines, expectations, and […]