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How Microlearning Benefits Learners: An Apology From L&D

Dear Learner, We know how busy you are. You’ve got a job, a family, a social life, and a pressing biological need to sleep. There […]

The Learning Management Chasm

The 'learning management chasm' - the gap between having an LMS, and it fulfilling its purpose and potential for the business. You have an LMS […]

Escape Plans: When Bad Elearning Turns You Into Houdini

Does learning have to be so boring? We've all been there with compliance training. Someone sits us down in front of a video or PowerPoint […]

xAPI: Trust me, I'm not Big Brother

In the words of the guys at Rustici: “Tin Can API (sometimes known as the Experience API) is a brand new specification for learning technology […]

The Kirkpatrick Model For Dummies

Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model is a framework for evaluating the impact of your training. Why evaluate training impact? In short, so that you can improve […]

xAPI: Trustworthy Tracking

The capabilities of xAPI (Tin Can) mean that learning professionals could become accumulators and analysers of ‘big data’, with all the implications for handling data […]

Elearning Design: White Space

White space. Too much or too little, that is the question. Too much white space - the story While working on a project that was […]

The Upgrade We've Been Waiting For

Maybe you never even knew you were waiting. I certainly didn’t. But as it turns out, we all were - waiting, hoping, dreaming, that someday […]

Ready, Set, Engage: Interactive Video

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin The words interactive video have been flying […]

Education Revolution

I recently came across this thing called the Khan Academy. It is not, as I initially believed, some bizarre Star Trek offshoot - it’s a […]

Vive La Révolution

In a recent blog I talked about the Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organisation which aims for nothing less than to provide "a free, world-class […]

What's It All For?

Have we forgotten that learning is about the learner? That's the main thought I came away from LT16 with this year. It stemmed from several […]