My blog is a mix of educational resources that I have used in my courses to keep students engaged in the learning process as well as presentations at various conference. I also include travel experiences as a language teacher around the globe.

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A Bearded Prank - A Homage to My Dad

It’s been eight months since my father, Melvin Wesley White, passed from this world. In a powerfully symbolic setting, Dad … Continue reading "A Bearded […]

Navigating Sleepless Nights and Borders in Bastogne

Day #4 – Mont – Houffalize – Bastogne – Wiltz, Luxembourg – Bastogne, Belgium Number of Miles Cycled Today – … Continue reading "Navigating Sleepless […]

Bed Bugs or Evidence that John really does have Cooties?

Bed Bugs Gone Wild in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill Since the … Continue reading "Bed Bugs […]

Rallying Past Ghostly Surprises

Day #3 – Bomal – Soy – Achouffe – Mont Number of Miles Cycled – 31.6 Number of Miles Traveled … Continue reading "Rallying Past […]

Finding Mamajuana and Nudity in the Dominican Republic

After a demanding year relocating back to the United States from the Cayman Islands, starting new jobs, moving back into … Continue reading "Finding Mamajuana […]

A Flight to 37 Degrees

Day #1 – Omaha, Nebraska – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Reykjavck, Iceland Number of Miles Cycled – 0 Number of Miles … Continue reading "A Flight […]

Beer with Aunt Alice

Day #2 – Reykjavík, Iceland – Brussels, Belgium – Liège – Bomal Number of Miles Cycled – 0 Number of … Continue reading "Beer with […]

Belgium, Beer, and Bikes

As a just reward for graduating and surviving four and a half years at the University of Tulsa, we set out to conquer Europe as… […]

The Best and Worst of Living in the Cayman Islands

The Best and Worst of Living in the Cayman Islands Our entire family sat exhausted with unopened cardboard boxes lying around the table patiently waiting… […]

Ms. Bossy Pants - Part 2

From the girl who brought you Ms. Bossy Pants – Part 1, comes the second installment in what will most likely be a continuing series […]

This Train Has a Flat

With a Train approaching . . . To celebrate our 13th anniversary, I bought concert tickets to one of Nadine’s favorite bands, Train. The chilly […]

Ms. Bossy Pants

Two-Year Old Logic As I sat in the car driving and serving as my children’s personal chauffeur. A voice from a determined two-year old in […]