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The Ultimate Course Creation Resource Guide

Article Index 1. Research Collection and Course Outline Tools 2. Branded Course Assets and Templates 3. Audio and Video Production Tools 4. Video and Audio […]

What Is a CEU? 5 Benefits of Continuing Education Units

Continuing education unit credits can positively impact your career in several ways, but they can also have a profound impact on your personal growth journey. […]

3 Simple Steps to Effective Learning Objectives for Your Course

Creating effective learning objectives is critical to creating an online course that produces results...and sales. Article Index 1. Step 1: Identify who you're teaching.2. Step […]

Can a CPLP Certification Expand Your Career Options?

The new CPLP certification can open new opportunities in instructional design...but is it right for you? To become a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance […]

The Ultimate Guide to Validating Your Online Course Idea

Online courses are a great vehicle for creating passive income. But how can you validate your idea to be certain it's worth the effort? Article […]

The $1 Million Course Formula Secret

Over the years we’ve seen courses which have done very well and some that have launched to the sound of crickets. The most successful course […]

The Problem with Online Course Sites Like Udemy

Hosted course sites like Udemy have become incredibly popular as a low-cost way to launch courses fast. But is it worth the risk? We’re fortunate […]

Introducing S3 Media Maestro Version 3.1!

New Improvements to the Leading Amazon S3 Media Delivery and Protection Plugin for WordPress! We're at it again! After a string of recent releases introducing […]

Top 10 Corporate Learning Management Systems for 2018

As developers of our own learning management system plugin for WordPress, we're constantly reading and researching to stay abreast of trends in the rapidly shifting […]

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Online Course Forum

Adding an online course forum to your site can be one of the most effective ways to enhance the learning experience of your students. We’ve […]

5 Advantages of eLearning in Education

With the unique insights we’ve been fortunate enough to identify in the six years since WP Courseware’s launch, we’ve witnessed first hand many of the […]

Introducing WP Courseware Version 4.2!

The Most Popular LMS Plugin for WordPress Just Got Even Better! WP Courseware version 4.2 brings powerful front end course styling, an all-new student profile […]