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Gamified E-Learning: Design it to make you learners “WANT” it!

When you roll out a gamified e-learning module, you may have noticed that there is usually the initial euphoria that eventually plateaus, tapers down or […]

WIIFM: Planning the “right” rewards for your Gamified E-Learning Modules

When we design gamified e-learning modules for our clients, two of the most common requirements (read: reasons for gamification) that we come across are 1. […]

Gamified E-Learning: Repeat the module; Relive a new experience!

Let me begin by asking you the golden question: Why do you want to gamify you e-learning modules? One of the prime reasons gamification is […]

Progress bars in Gamified Learning : Think beyond the “BAR”!

While the progress bar has been an integral part of various facets of our digital life ranging from file download status to Linked In profile […]

The Habit of E-Learning : It Works!

Most of us diligently made resolutions this new year (like all the previous years) and most of those resolutions of most of us have already […]

The Spirit of Learning (or is it a ghost by now?)

We all know that learning is a journey and a wonderful one at that. Unfortunately, most of us have little time to spare for it; […]

E-Learning: Blend it as you like it!

While Blended Learning has been around for quite some time, there have been a few personal experiences that have turned out to be game changers […]

Designing Responsive E-Learning Layouts

A beautifully designed elearning course can enhance a user's learning experience. One of the critical aspects, which defines a good e-learning course from an average […]

E-Learning Assessments-Understanding the Popular Types

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. This famous quote by Management Guru Peter Drucker cannot be more relevant in the context of […]

How to test a file on SCORM Cloud?- Learn about the important parameters

How to test a file on SCORM Cloud? After uploading the course on SCORM Cloud, you will be keen to test the e-learning module on […]

Why “should” I learn using my mobile devise?

Why “should” I learn using my mobile devise? Choose the most appropriate answer (in your mind only! No clicking required) 1. It is the most […]

Your E-Learning chain is only as strong as the weakest link

As the e-learning champion of your organization, you can have the best of e-learning resources like LMS, E-Learning modules, M-Learning modules etc., but usually there […]