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Benefits and Potential Drawbacks of External eLearning

Licensing external eLearning content can provide you and your organization with definite benefits, along with some potential drawbacks. Again, as we discussed on the benefits […]

eLearning: About External Licensing

When your organization needs eLearning programs but doesn’t have an internal program in place, external licensing of eLearning may be a good choice. Many eLearning […]

Applying Leadership to Operations Management

As most leaders know, management is a separate entity from leadership. Many organizational leaders have difficulty doing one and continuing to do the other. And […]

The languages of the world are more interesting than your thought

English is one of the most used languages in the world. There are over a billion people in the world who communicate in English as […]

How E-learning Can Benefit Companies – Corporate Training

Today, in the middle of the era of innovation, e-learning takes a prominent place in corporate life. Every business implements various methods to gain high […]

Name your best customers

“A while back I was in a meeting with a marketing leader of a Global 100 software firm. He shared a story about their new […]

Training Needs 6: Recurring and Required Training Needs

Summary: As you are assessing your organization’s training needs, remember that some needs occur because they are required or because they recur on a frequent […]

Business Networking Tips for Professional Career Development

How many of you think that your circle of influence needs to be expanded? Building a professional network is incredibly important as you get to […]

Training Needs 7: Future and Anticipated Training Needs

Summary: Your overall training needs assessment is not complete until you know what’s coming further down the road. Here are some ways to assess for […]

Training Needs 3: Industry, Job, and Task-Related Needs

Summary: Some of the needs you may uncover during your assessment are related directly to the industry, the jobs within the organization, and the tasks […]

Training Needs 4: Career Development

Summary: Career development training needs relate to knowledge that’s necessary for employees to become mobile within the organization. Let’s take a look at this important […]

Training Needs 5: Leadership, Talent Management, and Succession Planning Needs

Summary: An often-overlooked area of needs assessment is leadership, talent management, and succession planning. Let’s define these areas and look at some ways to assess […]