This blog explores my learning adventures unlocking more creative ways to transform learning experiences, and how to use technology to transform it.

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How to Gamify Any Course at ICHaSE 2017!

ICHaSE 2017 I gave a 30-minute talk on the 1 March (2017) about how to gamify any course. More importantly, at last I got to […]

My First Book on Amazon: The 21st Century PhD Learning Adventure

CLICK HERE TO VIEW Al-Hamdulilla! DESCRIPTION This book by Zaid Ali Alsagoff, explores 43 of his most inspiring and impactful learning adventures over one decade […]

The Super MRT (Memory-Reading-Thinking) Workshop 2017 Edition!

COOL! Used my 'Flinstones Tablet' to draw four doodle cartoons and then took pictures of them. After that, I imported the four pictures, removed the backgrounds […]

YEAH-BOO - The Most Electrifying F2F Noise Engagement Method Ever!

CHALLENGE Wouldn't it be cool, if we could in a formal lecture and classroom learning environment EASILY generate the kind of noise, engagement, and fun […]

E-Learning Trends for the Future

TALK Will Insya-Allah be giving a 1-hour talk at the Bengkel EPSA SME Engagement seminar on Wednesday, 30 November, 2016. It will be held at […] Is Now LIVE! #OER #CC #Creativecommons

CLICK HERE URL:  Want to know which Creative Commons (CC) licence to use? Wondering how to cite and attribute Open Educational Resources (OER)? As part […]

The Super MRT (Memory-Reading-Thinking) Workshop is BACK!

WORKSHOP In this 1-day workshop, you will explore various technology and non-technology techniques to stimulate and empower the brain and senses to be more focused, […]

Designing Gamified Flipped Learning Experiences at USM

Assalamu Alaikum wrt wbt, Hi Awesome Educators! Looking forward to meet you all Insya-Allah at the 'Designing Gamified Flipped Learning Experiences' workshop (at Universiti Sains […]

Using e-Learning to Become More Impactful Teachers

TALK Al-Hamdulilla, I have been invited to give a talk during the OIC Higher Education Conference 2016: 20 October, (Kuala Lumpur).  I was given the following […]

'Using Technology to Engage & Gamify Learning' Workshop

This workshop will Insya-Allah be facilitated at several places in the coming months, including Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Mobile Learning Association of Malaysia (MLAM), University […]

My Keynote at the 21st CLD MARA Smart Education Summit 2016

Designing Gamified Flipped Learning Experiences KEYNOTE In this Keynote presentation (23/09) at the 21st CLD (Century Learning Design) MARA Smart Education Summit 2016, we will […]

5 Awesome Tools to Engage & Gamify Talks

IMAGINE Imagine you are required to give a one-hour keynote talk to around 500 people at an International e-Learning Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. This is […]