Captivate 9 Is in The Store, What’s New – Part 2

In my previous blog, I shared about the features that have been upgraded in the latest version of Adobe Captivate 9. Here, let us see the new features that that have been included in the new version.

1. Adobe Captivate Draft

This new feature allows us to import Storyboards created using the Adobe Captivate Draft app. This app can be installed in iPads and helps create Storyboards anywhere, anytime. Using this app, you can add content, question slides, images, videos, etc. quickly.

Let us see how to use it.

Click the Captivate Draft icon. The Adobe Captivate Draft window appears.

Click Create New Project where you can see the Interface area.

We can add objects to slides with the help of Icons or by Drawing Gestures (shortcuts).

If you want to add an Image, draw ‘x’ using your finger.

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