Challenges and Successes #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 2

Everyone has challenges and success at work, but working in a job which is less than a decade old – in the education industry which is much older – is full of unique challenges and successes.


Last year was tough for me. With a crazy combination of schedule changes at home and fewer hands to help I was stressed. By the end of the school year I was past exhausted and to a new place I do not plan on revisiting.

It is too easy to get that far gone. And educators are easy prey – we take on extra duties because it’s for the kids. And our bosses aren’t out to get us, but they will let us work as hard as we want to, who can blame them?

So, my biggest area for improvement is to improve my work:life balance. I am setting some boundaries for myself this school year – in fact, I have already started enforcing them.

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