Congratulations! The Adobe eLearning Community just turned one.

A year ago, August 9th to be precise, the Adobe eLearning Community was born. And what a year it’s been. A year full of excitement for all of us at Adobe and hopefully for all of you out there who have been instrumental in making this portal one of the most widely used and popular resources in the eLearning space today.

The Community over this past year has clearly grown to be a place where all eLearning professionals, from ‘newbie’ to ‘legend’ have not only found resources at their fingertips but have also contributed actively to make it a community in true sense, where peers connect, contribute and consume.

What pleases me most is that almost 90% of the content has been contributed by members of the community – making it truly a community initiative supported by Adobe. Congratulations to all the Legends, Wizards and Masters for your contributions. We look forward to seeing many more among you to share your experience, content and expertise in the coming years.

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