Connected stethoscope lands in the European market

A number of new plug-ins for mobile phones have emerged in recent years to deliver quite extensive healthcare services to users.  You’ve got services like Peek Vision that provide eye examinations via the camera in your phone, or the Cupris device that can conduct ear examinations.

The latest device of this kind is called Eko Core, a digital stethoscope that has been launched in the UK and EU.  The device is believed to be the first that will pair a digital stethoscope with a phone wirelessly.

The belief is that this will allow clinicians to easily record, share and annotate sounds with colleagues.  The device aims to provide a better listening experience than most stethoscopes, with 40X sound amplification and noise reduction.  It also allows users to switch from analog to digital mode.  The device will be available either as a standalone stethoscope or as a smartphone attachment.

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