DevLearn 2017 – Day 2 Recap

I’m at DevLearn all week long, so I’ll be recapping each day/session I attend.

Morning Buzz: Building a Partnership With SMEs – Ashley Chiasson


Keynote: Technology and Storytelling: Making a Difference in the Digital Age – LeVar Burton

DO I EVEN HAVE TO TELL YOU WHO LEVAR BURTON IS?! Star Trek…Reading Rainbow?! GET IT TOGETHER, FOLKS! I cannot explain how excited I am for this session. SO EXCITED! Look at all those capitals and exclamation points!

It is difficult for one to reach their full potential without being able to read in at least one language – LeVar Burton

LeVar kicks off his session by explaining that he believes literacy paves the way for lifelong learning – and he is so true. He explains that the definition of literacy needs to continue to evolve. STEM and STEAM are more well-rounded approaches to educate our children. They need a broad range of literacy.

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