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The pros and cons of selecting an LMS solution

A learning management system (LMS) is a large investment for any company; choose from either open source, cloud solution or a server based solution. Take […]

What does effective eLearning look like?

We often get asked what effective e-learning looks like, so here are some general guidelines on what to include in order to create the most […]

eLearning design - How to align objects in Articulate Storyline

Following on my blog about the top ten eLearning design tips, I will be explaining the process of aligning objects in Articulate Storyline. Completing this […]

Do student safety wristbands help or hinder students to keep safe?

Can students be trusted to be alcohol aware and consume alcohol safely? Campus Living Villages, who run student accommodation across the UK, are giving out student […]

Event Recap: Celebrating the Future of Microlearning

In August, we were thrilled to announce the next generation of Grovo—the first all-in-one microlearning solution. In September, we were ready to celebrate with our […]

Improve Technology User Adoption with Gamification

TOP TRAINING COMPANY BEST PRACTICES When companies introduce new technology it is to improve productivity, streamline processes, and help employees work more efficiently. With all […]

Engage Learners in 7 Easy Ways Before Their eLearning Course Starts

How often have you thought of engaging your online learners prior to the commencement of their eLearning course? Most trainers want to engage their learners […]

Weekly Update: 16 New Templates for Lectora Publisher

Our template library has been updated with 16 new interactions designed with Lectora Publisher 16. Their pleasant design and advanced functionality will help you to […]

Content curation: streams of learning

Stephen Walsh, co-founder of Anders Pink, joins Robin to talk about the biggest learning eco-system, which can benefit a company's learning resources and which is […]

How to Communicate a Strategy When You Don’t Agree with It

On Tuesday, I published a blog called Developing Accountability for Strategies Leaders May Not Agree With.  The focus was developing the skills of people who […]

Why have a formal Code of Conduct?

Will Your eLearning be Impacted by the End of Flash?

Flash, the software that helped to bring online video, animations, audio, and interactivity to the Internet is coming to an end. By the end of […]