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Using the Right eLearning Development Tools for Your Audience

If having the right tools didn’t matter, we’d all brush our teeth with hammers. No-brainer decisions between hammers and toothbrushes are nice, but life doesn’t […]

Social learning: how to stimulate feedback in e-learning

Even though it is often used in connection with social media, social learning is older and its scope broader than that. Canadian psychologist Albert Bandura […]

Using Videos to Deliver Impactful Learning

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3 Creative Ways to Find Time for Training

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3 Ways Games Are Good For Your Health

Right now, games are everywhere. In the corporate and government sectors, we’ve seen a rapid increase in gamification and gamified learning, particularly in training and customer […]

Bridging the data skills gap in L&D: What we need to succeed

We need to bridge the data skills gap in L&D to succeed at measuring the impact of learning. That was one of the clear messages […]

7,000 New Data Protection Officers Needed For Businesses Ahead of GDPR

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10 Common Project Management Mistakes [Infographic]

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Gamified E-Learning: Design it to make you learners “WANT” it!

When you roll out a gamified e-learning module, you may have noticed that there is usually the initial euphoria that eventually plateaus, tapers down or […]