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How to Bootstrap Your New Training Company

Starting a business, in principle, is pretty easy. It costs next to nothing to get started, set up a website, make a few social profiles, […]

The Link Between the Employees’ Trust and a Better Work Environment

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Persuasion and Influence Are Part of Foundations of Leadership

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Competencies for PRM, FRM, and ERP Certificate Holders

It’s important to examine the competencies you would like to see in your organization and compare them to the competencies that a professional certificate holder […]

Why Virtual Reality Has a Bright Future in the eLearning World

Since we are living in the era of technological revolution, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Virtual Reality (VR for short) has become the […]

Designing effective eLearning

Organizations adopt different project management techniques, instructional design models, and visual design principles to create eLearning solutions. We have distilled the best practices to be […]

Why Investing In Informal Learning Makes Sense: Featuring 6 Examples Or Approaches

Informal learning is integral to the way we learn, but organizations have several associated concerns about its value and impact. In this article, I address […]

Migrate To HTML5 – Responsive Or Mobile-Friendly eLearning To Create High Impact Learning Experiences

Organizations worldwide are looking at migrating their legacy Flash course to HTML5 to support mobile learning. In this article, I outline what are your options […]

Performance Support Tools – 12 Examples On How Job Aids Can Support Your Corporate Training

In this eBook, you will learn how Performance Support Tools (also referred to as learning or job aids) can be used to supplement formal training and […]

Up the Level of Interactivity in Online Learning: Use Videos and Assessments

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What Makes Mobile Learning Popular in Corporate Training?

Skeptical about using adapting a mobile learning program? After reading the reasons for using mobile learning, you won’t be.

Why Outsource Your E-learning Translations – 5 Undeniable Reasons

Thinking of undertaking your digital learning translation in-house? Think again. Outsourcing might be a way better option.