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Salesforce Communities PRM Alternative

The use cases and applications for Salesforce Communities for PRM are both numerous and diverse but depending on your unique business needs, it might not […]

Articulate Storyline Template of the Week – Assessment: Scenario-based Question

Scenario-based Question in The Articulate Storyline Template Of The Week Any attractive multimedia screen will never fail to grasp a learner’s attention. It will surely […]

Innovation & Engagement Experience Rewind

Take-aways from the Meeting Planners Symposium Association North’s Meeting Planning Symposium is all about stepping out on the leading edge to demonstrate what’s possible for […]

3 ways to implement xAPI in your elearning courses

For many L&D professionals, keeping up with the technology curve is half the fun. Since 2011, we’ve been hearing about Tin Can, now know as […]

Why completion rates are no longer the metric of success in modern learning

When you’re looking to develop a holy grail of just in time information and resources for your learners, don’t be surprised when they dip in […]


Once every quarter, our Minnesota office becomes Game Night HQ. First and foremost, we plan the snacks and adult beverages. Then, we plan our games. […]

Measuring the Effectiveness and ROI of Learning Programs

When it comes to building a team with the skills and abilities to get your company out ahead of the competition, learning and development programs […]

Learning Culture or Training Culture--Part IV-- 21st Century Networked Collaboration

In the previous post I suggested that the type of collaboration that organizations should be involved in is not the version that they were familiar […]

Conference Reflections - How Relevant is AECT?

My great friend and associate Dr. Lewis Chongwony just posted a GREAT reflection on his experiences at the international convention for the Association for Educational […]

What to Look for When Comparing Training Technologies

The first step in optimizing any business’s training methodology is comparing training technologies. No one should be sold on a product that doesn’t best fit […]

Edtech for children’s awareness of diabetes – ECDA gamification case study

One mission of Loquiz is to make people physically move. Physical exercise benefits the mind and the body and is one of the factors keeping […]

New Template: Scratch to Reveal

Looking for a way to engage learners in your content, with a fun, familiar and easy to understand interactive activity? If you've not considered Ed's […]