eLearning Concepts

Why Microlearning is the Newest and Best Training Strategy

The human attention span is at an all-time low, thanks to smartphones and other smart technology. Our species' ability to focus on the task at […]

3 Reasons to Take Advantage of Mobile Learning to Train Employees

Technology has irrevocably changed the landscape of learning and training, not only in schools but also in the business world as well. Today everyone has […]

Photo puzzle question idea- fragment on pin memory game

This is a short idea  how to create photo puzzle questions by using your own images to create custom pins. It works also as a […]

Strengthen your Partner Relationship Management with a Partner Portal Solution

Managing a relationship with channel partners can be a bit tricky. As partners, your relationship needs to be in good standing from every angle. Sure, […]

How will Magentrix Comply with the GDPR?

Trust is the foundation of our relationship with people and businesses around the world. We value your trust in us to be responsible in protecting […]

The GDPR Compliance is Coming into Play - are you ready for it?

Personal data plays a big role in day to day business operations. With the expansion of the world wide web and its capabilities, security is […]

How to Help Your Managers Embark on their Learning Journey

What’s stopping managers from learning? When Towards Maturity asked this question, 61% of managers said the main reason was that they lacked the time for […]

Learn how I turned crappy AWB legislation into human readable content

Hey blog readers – I have great news – I’m now a fully fledged Yarnoer! And while my last post was mostly about how my […]

Visualize Your Training Data with an Infographic Report + Free Template

Virtually every training department in the world does some form of post-event evaluation. Instead of giving your stakeholders data that looks something like this… Egad….nobody […]

Love Lectora: Lectora’s Course Folder Structure

Moved your Lectora title, got loads of errors when trying to open it and then all your images disappear? Got a deadline to meet and […]

Is it Time to Refresh or Reset your Career?

All of us experience moments where we find ourselves contemplating our life decisions. Sometimes it’s a big event, like a break-up or a health crisis, […]

Lakes of Methane You Say?

As Sun Ra used to say, “Space is the place” and I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks to some adventurous souls who conceived of, built and operated […]