Business simulations – as close as it gets to the real deal

Probably now more than ever, companies require their new recruits to have experience in business decision making. As this prerequisite might prove difficult to comply […]

Renewed security and logging in

We have renewed security procedures when you log in to Loquiz pro. If you should encounter problems while logging in, please use “Forgot your password?” […]

Linkfeast 60 – eventprof news

If you are working in the event industry then Linkfeast brings you regularly great articles in edible amounts – three links. This week about enaging […]

6 Must-Read Learning Game Design Books

Designing a game is no easy task, but do you know what’s even more difficult? Designing a game that helps people actually learn something. The BLP team […]

Creating fresh video tasks for team building games

One of our all time most popular posts has been the one with 100 team tasks. This is  not a  surprise, because all game creators […]

How to add fun with QR codes into the clue game type?

Previously we have written how to think out clues for a clue game and what kind of question activations can be used in it. In […]

Game-based Learning for Enterprise Training

Active, Interactive Learning Game-based learning environments are optimally suited for consequential learning. This makes them great for professional learning, where it’s often a priority for […]

The Gamification of Training

Rote learning--using a mechanical or habitual repetition of something to be learned--is dead. Gamification is the new star in training. The business world is convinced: […]

Gamification in eLearning: What is it and Why do I want it?

  We are excited to share an amazing presentation with you—Gamify your eLearning! 6 Ways to Incorporate Gamification in eLearning by instructional designer, Paula Yunker. Before […]

3 Benefits of End-to-End Event Software

Event planners have a lot of things to worry about over the course of planning an event. Some form of event software is necessary to […]

Event professional news – Linkfeast 59

Eventprofs can find the most interesting current news here. The Linkfeast is a compilation of cool news about eventtech, gamification, team building and training. Millennials […]

When Learning Games Go Small: The Four Principles of Design

  The education game market continues to grow rapidly, and mobile games are the dominant force within this market. Newzoo provides the insights for the […]