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5 Ways to Improve Your Employee Training with Video Learning

Employee training is one of the most important aspects of success and growth in the restaurant and retail sectors. Getting the most out of each […]

This is Why Experience Learning Creates High-Performance Teams

When working towards meaningful teams within an organization, it is important to use experience learning for maximum employee/company benefit. This type of learning is a […]

Modern Learning, Mobile Training System Must Haves

Modern learning systems are getting more advanced with each passing year. The scope of e-learning is so much bigger than we could have imagined, and […]

Procrastination peaking? There's an app for that - the 4 best productivity apps of 2018

In an ongoing attempt to optimise productivity and minimise procrastination, I've spent countless working hours searching for the perfect task managing app. The irony (trust […]

How Digital Learning Has Changed Employee Training

In the past, employee training consisted of two different methods of learning. Employees were either taught by in-person instructors, or they were given a booklet […]

Mobile Learning in Distributed Universities: Summary of recent Festival of Creative Learning Event

James Lamb and I recently ran a Festival of Creative Learning workshop at the University of Edinburgh, largely a showcase event for what is possible […]

Why Mayra it up?

The best project manager I have ever met coined this expression some time ago and I am just so grateful for her support and trust […]

4 Ways to Use Microlearning in Your Training Program

When hiring staff, it is important to remember how much of their learning will take place on the job. Even the most talented and promising […]

Why You Should be Incorporating Video Training for Learning

Employee training does not have to be boring. Companies are not required to give out 20-page documents regarding company policies explaining conduct, and how to […]

New beginnings

New, exciting things are coming this year… Stay tuned!

How to Leverage xAPI Learning in your Restaurant

The great thing about eLearning is that new technologies and updates are being made available every few months. eLearning programs are getting more advanced, and […]

Benefits of Going Mobile & Digital with Your Recipe Cards

Customers always assume that restaurants create recipes on the fly. However, many establishments are run so successfully for so many decades because of recipe cards. […]