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3 Ways Video Training Can Fill Learning Gaps

Every training program has its shortcomings. There’s no way to address every detail in one lesson, unless you’re only teaching in small segments. The best […]

6 Dominating Reasons to Ditch Paper and Move to Digital Learning

Paper-based learning was on the ropes before smartphones and tablets arrived but now it’s down for the count. If you’re still using notebooks and binders […]

Near Futures Teaching at the University of Edinburgh: my next post

As of last Wednesday, I am now officially in Edinburgh until the end of 2018 at least as part of the Near Future Teaching project […]

Missed Realities360? Check out the app that Float delivered here.

It’s been a little while since the conference, but we’re still amped on the experience we delivered for Realities360 in July. If you weren’t able […]

This is What Experts Are Saying about Today’s eLearning Solutions

It’s difficult to get an easy or cost-effective way to give employees a quality, personalized learning experience on a large scale. New hires require mentoring […]

Emergency response (and digital) education research at Interweaving Conference at Moray House

Speaking briefly today at the Interweaving Conference at Moray House School of Education at the University of Edinburgh as part of a showcase of the […]

5 Ways to Modernize Your Training with Operational Performance Management

The old method of holding an employee performance review once a year is disappearing, thanks to a better understanding of how to assess and encourage […]

Anonymity in Mobile Messaging: Criminalization, Luxury, Permission, and Persistent Presentation of Self

Clearly a favorite subject of mine, I am returning yet again to the subject of surveillance and privacy in the digital and attempting, clumsily, to […]

Increase Profitability & Reduce Paper Costs with Mobile Learning Tools

Restaurant profitability is a constant topic for managers, and for good reason, with average profit margins falling between 3-5%. A streamlined training program can help […]

3 Best Practices for Mobile eLearning

Mobile activity and thus mobile learning is growing at a rapid pace. Wherever you are, take a second to look up (likely from your phone […]

Increase Employee Engagement With These 5 Tips

Every company from every industry wants to know that their employees are engaged. According to a Gallup Poll, employee engagement is critical to reducing turnover […]

How to Measure the ROI of Your Modern Restaurant Learning Program

The value of a modern restaurant learning program should be apparent, but if your restaurant is budget-conscious or is publicly traded, you may need to […]