Mobile learning

The Future of Employee Training for Restaurants

The future of employee training for restaurants rests firmly in microlearning software, and more specifically, in software centered around mobile microlearning.

4 Tips for Effective Employee Training in Retail

Don’t look now, but summer’s almost over, which means you’ll be hiring holiday staff soon and your training will need to be on-point. Here’s four […]

The Anatomy of a High-impact Learning Organization

There are some parts you’ll need to have some parts in place if you want your company to be a high-impact learning organization. Since the […]

Engage Your Deskless Workers with Social Learning

"Deskless" has a lot of meanings in today’s work landscape. From traveling training teams to retail store staff and kitchen line workers, the idea that […]

Best Practices for Retail eLearning

Retail training is changing with the extension of technology into most every aspect of our lives. The most visible change in training is the emergence […]

Integrate Your Training with Your Performance Support System

When we talk of training, we’re usually describing an environment with one person or a group being taught by an experienced staff member or a […]

Creating a High-Impact Learning Culture in the Restaurant Industry

Creating a learning culture in any industry is important to reduce turnover rates, control waste, and to improve customer experience. It also has measurable results […]

Using people analytics to drive business performance: A case study

People analytics, or utilizing data to uncover insights about what drives business performance, is still a fairly new concept, especially in restaurant and retail organizations. […]

4 Tips for Implementing Operational Learning in Your Restaurant

Operational Learning is a new concept gaining attention in the learning and development (L&D) space. Where regular L&D concerns itself primarily with staff development, operational […]

The Next Generation of Retail Training Management Software

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been around for years, but their success as a training tool for retail employees has been uneven, as the software was […]

Research in Emergency Aftershock Response (REAR) Literature Review: Disaster Response, Gender, Resilience, and Appropriate Technology Use

I have been working the last six months or so on a NERC funded project at the Centre for Research in Digital Education at the […]

Books To Check Out This Summer Break!

With summer well underway and a bit of free time on your hands, it is time to grab a drink, sit by the pool, and […]