Google Analytics for Beginners Review

Google analytics is a powerful free tool for anyone with a website looking to generate more traffic and improve their sales. (So essentially anyone with an online presence) This short course […]

Review: In Progress

Look at me, tearing through my L&D "To Read" book pile! Title: In ProgressAuthor: Jessica Hische What's it about? Jessica Hische may not be a name you're […]

Future Learn Review

Future learn is run by the open university in partnership with twelve leading UK Universities. Their courses cover a diverse collection of topics all of which are delivered by certified university […]

Data Explosion and Fraud Prevention – Future Learn

The amount of data we produce continues to grow exponentially. Those who can analyse this information in a more efficient manner will have a significant […]

Lambda Solutions Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, find our roundup of the top blog posts for the year.  We wish you all the best for 2016:

Language Capabilities of Moodle LMS

Questions about Moodle's language capabilities are ones that we get often here at Lambda. The multi-language capabilities in Moodle can be used to teach new […]

5 Tips to Leverage eLearning in your Organization with Moodle

Moodle isn’t just for the higher education sector, it’s used by countless organizations in healthcare, enterprise, and even non-profit arenas to ensure employees are provided […]

Prevent Cheating in Moodle - Two-Step Authentication

New Moodle Plug-in Helps Prevent Online Cheating One of the benefits of online learning with Learning Management Systems is that it provides students the flexibility […]

Six Ways to Deliver Corporate eLearning with Moodle

A common misconception about Moodle LMS is that it is only used by the education sector for the purpose of providing online learning. This is […]

Making Money with Moodle - The Business Case for Online Learning

Did you know you can use the Moodle learning management system to make money? Universities, private colleges, technical institutes and all kinds of private online […]

3 Must-Have Capabilities That Transform Your Moodle Reports

LMS reports aren’t always easy to run or easy to read. While Moodle and other learning management systems provide basic reporting capabilities, the functionality has […]

3 Tips to Succeed as an Instructional Designer

In today’s growing e-learning market, instructional designers are critical in helping organizations reach their goals but all too often, many do not see the value […]