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Event professional news – Linkfeast 61

News- when different channels literally drown you with info, Linkfeast serves only three cool slices you need to know about events field.  The Art of […]

Using Metrics to Set Up Your Partners for Success

Are you still tracking partner performance through a mess of email updates, Excel spreadsheets, and phone conversations? Our customers have told us how frustrating it […]

Using our unique assessment suite

Ed's learning management platform has been built from the ground-up with the core design tenant that any instructional designer using our system would have total […]

Placing Employee Experience at the Core of Onboarding Programs

Want to find out more about the key role of onboarding & get concrete tips to implement great onboarding programs? Download our white paper by […]

5 Reasons Why Using Consultants are Good for your L&D Budget

It might seem counterintuitive that hiring a consultant would help you save money, but when it comes to your L&D budget – hiring a consultant […]

The Art of Self-Discovery

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “who am I and how did I get here?” With spouses, children, jobs, and life events demanding our attention, […]

What are the design constraints for a learning solution?

As with pretty much every project, learning solutions can often have some serious design constraints you’ll need to work with. After all, very few organizations […]

3 tips for putting SEO keywords to work

Are you putting your keywords in all the right places? Using their power of attraction to gain ideal site visitors? These 3 tips will help […]

The Future of Teaching at the University of Edinburgh: Events in Support of the Near Future Teaching project

As I have mentioned a few times by this point (and ad nauseum to wife, friends, and family), I am working on several futures-oriented projects […]

How Fantasy Elements Improve the Learning Experience

The idea of using whimsy and fantasy as part of a training program makes some learning leaders nervous. Will learners take the training seriously? Will serious-minded […]

BLP Names Stephanie Sullivan as Senior Strategic Account Manager

Bottom-Line Performance (BLP) is excited to announce the promotion of Stephanie Sullivan to Senior Strategic Account Manager. This is a new role for our company, and […]

Developing Personal Learning Networks – Resources

People are not learning exclusively from conventional sources like courses and classrooms. In truth we never did, but there’s a growing awareness of the small […]