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Using AI To Automatically Check Fingerprints

Fingerprints have been used as evidence in criminal trials for over 100 years now, with the first case in the United States taking place in […]

Why having a job isn’t always better for our health

Unemployment is widely regarded as contributing to a range of mental and physical health issues.  Is any job better than no job though?  That was […]

Voice based interfaces for home healthcare

I’ve written previously about the wide range of new technologies that are increasingly capable of analyzing our voices for everything from Parkinson’s to PTSD. With […]

Using IoT to provide smart monitoring in ICU

Sensors are commonplace in most advanced hospital wards, but an Israeli startup believes that its latest device can provide welcome additional insights in the intense […]

Using machine learning to decode how the brain works

Despite considerable advances in our understanding of the brain, our knowledge remains somewhat patchy, not least in our ability to conceive how the brain manages […]

Using AI To Support Recombination

Over the years I’ve written a number of times about the increasingly recombinative nature of innovation.  This posits that new innovations are often a combination […]

The critical skill of critically evaluating online content

Why is it so critical to critically evaluate content online? Well there is a lot of content online. Yes that is the understatement of the […]

New 4D camera could supercharge autonomous vehicles

Technologies such as autonomous vehicles rely heavily on the imaging technology they have to capture their surroundings.  A recent paper from engineers at Stanford and […]

VR Game Lets You Play Cricket Against The World’s Best

Whilst cricket is nothing if not a game of rich traditions, it is also no stranger to adopting technology in its pursuit of a better […]

New partnership delivers enhanced driver sensing

As we move inexorably towards a driverless future, each new generation of motor car comes equipped with an ever more extensive array of sensors and […]

How dragonflies can help autonomous vehicles

Yesterday I looked at a new 4D camera that researchers believe could be invaluable in helping technologies such as autonomous vehicles navigate effectively in poor […]

The Next Generation of Automated Warehouses

Automation has impacted a wide range of areas, but perhaps nowhere more so than in retailing, where machines have been increasingly deployed in areas such […]