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I Am Learning to Code: Week 0

“Learn to code” echoes unceasingly throughout the Internet. Industry leaders discuss the coming skills gap with the same concern that atmospheric scientists display toward climate […]

Six Upcoming eLearning Conferences: January to June 2018

Staying on top of new developments in the eLearning field can be a challenge. As new technologies create new opportunities, however, the field continues to […]

LinkedIn Learning Is Rolling Out Their LMS Partnerships

LinkedIn now has the content and the infrastructure to wield it. But while they have built it, it’s unclear whether users will come. Over 500 […]

Can eLearning Close the Gender Gap?

It’s sad but true: In 2018, women continue to be dismissed and in some cases, sexually harassed and even assaulted on college and university campuses. […]

Chabad.org Announces Online Course Dedicated to Jewish Prayer

The four-part course will be led by Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan and go live starting Monday January 22 at 6:00 pm EST. New 30-minute classes will […]

5 Compelling Reasons To Try eLearning For Healthcare And Pharmaceutical Training

Face-to-face training in healthcare and pharma training is quite challenging as far as time, space, and money are concerned. The need for accelerated, region-specific training […]

Socrates Joins Unicorn Training Group

Unicorn Training has further expanded its field of expertise with the acquisition of the UK’s leading legal training trailblazers, Socrates. This post was first published […]

2 Reasons Why Cloud Training In Large Enterprises Does Not Work

If you read the news, it would seem that ‘the cloud’ is taking over the business world, and all of our processes will live there […]

The Challenges Of Extended Enterprise Training - And Their Solutions

The extended workforce is here. It’s the way organizations are structured and will be structured in the future. Before you start training though, you should […]

The Importance Of Robust LMS Reporting For Training Companies

Offering your students eLearning through a Learning Management System is a great move for your business, but you also need to make sure that the […]

5 Tips To Bring Dull eLearning Subjects To Life

When it comes to some topics, you can’t help but stifle a yawn. Transforming a manual that doubles as a doorstop into an engaging experience […]

How Is Digital Transformation Affecting L&D?

In all honesty, while many organizations and society as a whole are digitally transforming at pace, the same cannot be said for workplace learning. In […]