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5 Tips To Create eLearning Accessible To Learners With Limited Connectivity

Delivering digital learning content to audiences with limited internet bandwidth can be challenging. Here are some simple ways to make your eLearning accessible to learners […]

Chatbots In Education: Applications Of Chatbot Technologies

The Artificial Intelligence is quickly changing education and eLearning and chatbots are becoming incredibly useful learning tools. This article summarizes the Artificial Intelligence trends in […]

6 Translation Strategies You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Translating online corporate training programs is much more than converting courses from one language to another. This article will look at the various translation strategies […]

10 Steps To Improve eLearning Recruitment ROI

How to increase the Return on Investment when it comes to eLearning recruitment efforts with a ten-part plan of action. This post was first published […]

50 Instructional Design Acronyms You Need To Know For Your Instructional Design Career

Knowing the language of your profession is essential for advancing your Instructional Design career. This article lists the top 50 Instructional Design acronyms used in […]

Realistic Training: How Realistic Should Training Be? (Part 1)

In this month’s article, I’ll discuss what research tells us about the nature of realistic training. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

10 Ways Video Chat Enhances The Online Learning Experience

Video chat is an excellent and perhaps underutilized learning tool. As a learning medium, video chat can bring a large group of students together for […]

Why Is It Hard For Adults To Become Fluent In English?

This is a million dollar question. When we find the true answer to this question, we will be able to answer a host of related […]

5 Tips To Achieve The Ideal Content Marketing Balance

Many people are continuously glued to their screens, and that’s exactly where we need to reach them. But is there such a thing as too […]

Playing the “Long Game” When Selling Courses

If starting a business was easy then everyone would be successful. Selling courses online is no different. Despite what some people may have you believe, […]

Carbon dating finds Bakhshali manuscript contains oldest recorded origins of the symbol 'zero' | Bodleian Libraries - University of Oxford

"Ancient Indian mathematical text at Oxford's Bodleian Libraries revealed to be centuries older than previously thought" says Bodleian Libraries - University of Oxford. Photo: Bodleian […]

UK mobile trends: Smartphones now twice as popular as PCs for going online | Netimperative

"Twice as many adults now use the internet on a smartphone than do on a desktop computer, as smartphones have become the most popular device […]