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Purdue Global Ready to Launch, With or Without Purdue Faculty Support

Early last year, Purdue University acquired Kaplan in a bid to expand its online programs. The acquisition surprised many people and raised concerns. After all, […]

Educators Tend to Forget That Most Online Students Still Live Near Campus

The majority of online students live within 100 miles of the university in which they are enrolled. According to a report updated in 2017 by […]

Disruption in For-Profit Education: Is the Bridgepoint Education Shakeup an Anomaly or a Trend?

Many involved in the industry don’t know quite what to make of these recent upheavals. On the one hand, it appears the Obama-era effort to […]

Top 10 Learning And Development Trends For 2018

One of the best ways to stay on the cutting edge of Learning and Development is to take a look at recent technologies and trends. […]

G-Cube LMS Included In The Prestigious Top 50 LMS Listing By Craig Weiss

It is a proud moment for us to announce that G-Cube LMS has been included in the coveted list of Top 50 LMSs by Craig […]

4 Compelling Reasons Why A Custom GUI Is A Must For eLearning Courses

In this article, I’ll share a few compelling reasons you should invest time and resources to customize the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of your online […]

Posit: Learning Has To Be A Game!

Gamification is a buzzword, but how and why learning has to be a game is often missed. When we look at the current learning process, […]

6 Ways You Can Use LMS Reports To Improve Your eLearning Product

LMS reports are really important to help you get a better idea of how your business is performing. Let's take a look at how you […]

4 Ways To Leverage Big Data In Education

Modern tools for eCourse production and LMS delivery platforms provide a plethora of data that can have an invaluable influence on a publisher’s product line. […]

5 Tips To Mitigate Online Training Globalization Risks

You cannot foresee every bump in the road, but knowing the risks involved can help you plan ahead. In this article, I’ll explore 5 common […]

Top 6 Ways To Improve Learner Engagement In Your Organization

Are your online training initiatives really paying off? Do employees get the skill-building resources they need to be productive on the job, or do they […]

Using Branching Scenarios In eCourses To Build Decision-Making Skills: Why And How

Decision making is complex. Here is how branching scenarios in online training can help your employees build strong decision-making skills. This post was first published […]