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Level Up Your HTML5 Animation with CSS Easing Functions

Saola Animate is an HTML5 animation creation tool for HTML5 animated, interactive content. The tool helps create great web content using the combination of HTML5 […]

Here are Differences Between SCORM and Tin Can API (xAPI)

You may know that ActivePresenter supports SCORM and Tin Can API (xAPI). They are the two common specifications for eLearning contents with a lot of […]

Technical Update September

The world of technology is changing at a fast pace. And so are we! In this Technical Update, you will learn about all recent changes […]

How to meet the challenges of offline learning (ebook)

In today’s always-on, technology-driven world, many of us take having an Internet connection for granted. But what happens when technology is unreliable and we still […]

Fall For These eLearning Resources

Starbucks has released the Pumpkin Spice Latte (“PSL” for those in the know), which means fall is here, whether it feels like it outside or […]

Delivering Engaging eLearning in the Experience Age: Diversifying Content for All Learners

In the past 200 years, we have seen the agricultural, industrial, and information revolution come to fruition. Our current revolution is that of experience. Everything […]

8 Unexpected Benefits Of Microlearning Online Training Libraries

Is your company considering a bite-sized online training library to build skills and improve compliance? In this article, I’ll highlight 8 unexpected benefits of using […]

How to use learning analytics to improve elearning [Free guide]

There’s a whole wealth of insights out there that can help you improve your elearning, but are you using it? Cultivate, the fourth C in […]

Lesson 6. Attention Please! Creating Interactive & Immersive Content

Michael Sheyahshe, an e-Learning expert, has reached the midpoint of his webinar series on How to create great e-Learning content… Read More

Use Guides for your Fluid Boxes Design!

Intro If you do follow me since a while, you are aware of the fact that I am a big fan of the Rulers and […]

10 Killer Examples Of Mobile Learning To Boost Employee Engagement And Performance

In this article, I touch upon key facets of mobile learning and how can you use it to impact your employee engagement and performance. I […]

Tips And Best Practices To Create Highly Effective Blended Training Program Design

Blended training enables you to get the best of online training, yet not lose out on the impact of human interaction. In this article, I […]