Educational Technology

The ICT Evangelist Podcast – Episode 2 now live!

I was lucky to work at the European iPad Conference just before half term and got to meet some amazing educators while I was there. […]

5 ways to use Plotaverse Photo Animator for iOS in the classroom

Something I often struggle to do is to find meaningful videos to use as backgrounds. A while ago I found a great app which you […]

How to make a curated collection of tweets with TweetDeck

Twitter chats are a whirlwind of good ideas. Educators tweet to a single Twitter hashtag, answering questions and sharing their best ideas. But when the […]

Open Online Learning Experiences: Designing Teacher Training for Digitally Connected Teachers

In November 2017, I was given the opportunity to take part in a round table at the Eminent 2017 European Congress to share the initiative […]

Learning journals

What is a learning journal A learning journal does not have to be anything fancy. It can be just a few sheets of paper or […]

Reflections on CUSEIP: Student learning with Learn Plus

…and some pedagogical implications by Karl Luke During Summer 2017 I was successfully awarded a Cardiff University Student Education Innovation Projects (CUSEIP) placement for a […]

G Suite – to share and collaborate on documents and presentations online

Microsoft Office is a suite of programs that I’d imagine most people have encountered, whilst it’s a good suite of programs and all University of […]

Columns that will never be read: Sanitized for Your Protection

I’m old enough to remember the Vietnam War. When I was young I would watch with fascination...

Upcoming Events and Cavs Ticket Giveaways!

Upcoming Admissions Events with Special Cleveland Cavalier Ticket Giveaways We’re excited to announce that we will be giving 20 pairs of Cleveland Cavalier tickets away […]

4 Sensory Snow Activities to Try

Nature's unlimited school supply!

Why Early Childhood Educators are Underpaid

There's not a strong understanding among both the public and policymakers that working with young children is highly skilled work. A lot of people unfortunately […]

Make It Real with iFakeText

Yeah, we all know how much students like to text… So, why not leverage this obsession by taking advantage of a web tool like, a […]