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First Steps with the Arduino-UNO | Maker, MakerED, Coding | Part 1

. . Unpacking the Starter-Kit . Unpacking my NEW Arduino-UNO Starter Kit, which I ordered at Conrad (English version), looks GREAT, quality stuff and well documented! […]

Xmas and Holiday Gifts Which Make Sense For LEARNing

. . WHAT gifts to buy for the kids for Xmas and Holidays? Every year the same question, isn’t it!? WHY not thinking about to […]

Luxembourg and Cyber-Security: HOW did it START?

.   . Luxembourg and Cyber-Security: HOW did it START? . Luxembourg, a tiny country with ONLY 590.667 inhabitants (January 2017) in the heart of […]

Future ​Ready: ​The ​Role ​of ​Tomorrow’s School ERP

Anticipating tomorrow’s needs today for your school ERP Over the last two weeks, we have focused on a few problems a robust school ERP can […]

Paperless Solution: School ERP System

Reduce the carbon footprints by introducing the ERP system in your institution It does not really matter if your school is big or small. It […]

Creating interactive exercises and automatically graded tests right inside Canvas

Gratitude - Transformative Principal 1042

Tell a student you are grateful for them. Tell a teacher you are grateful for them.  New Episode of @TrnFrmPrincipal

The 10 Best bits of Revision Advice For Students

Whether its revising for GCSE’s, A-Levels, Degree, Masters, PHD, or even professional exams the vast majority of us will at some end up dedicating a […]

How to prepare for the Situational Judgement Test Infographic

The simple infographic below will  help you study for the Situational Judgement Test. For more information on the SJT and how to prepare check out this […]

Wisconsin Districts Succeeding with Kajeet

Over 400 school districts across the nation partner with Kajeet to help close the Homework Gap. One state in particular is working (and funding) students […]

How to Spot a Freshmen During Midterm Week?

Closer to the midterms, a freshman walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Draft?” The student replies, “I’ll hand one in by the end of […]

A Little Surprise This Thanksgiving

One late autumn night closer to Thanksgiving, as Unicheck team was sitting in the dimly lit room in the office, we started talking, as usual, […]