49 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Joomla (Infographic)

Why is Joolmla! so popular? Here are some interesting facts that you have never thought about!

Facebook’s News Feed Change & How It Affects Your Business in 2018

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a significant change affecting Facebook’s News Feed in 2018. If you missed it, feel free to read his announcement […]

Personal Progress Tracker Update

Last year I wrote a post about how to make a personal progress tracker. I’ve made some changes to my own progress tracker since then […]

Data Matters, Especially to Customer Education Teams

Big Data. KPIs. ROI. Average whatevers. These days it's pretty hard to get away from numbers. Companies are using their data to uncover all sorts of information […]

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Questions You MUST Ask Your Boss in One on One Meetings

Your One on One meeting with your boss is your most important work meeting. This is because your relationship with your boss determines your work […]

Key Tools for Franchise Growth

The Wisetail LMS supports franchise growth with a modern and intuitive user-interface, multi-level reporting, and advanced training tools. The post Key Tools for Franchise Growth […]

Mobile Learning In Corporate Sector: How and Why

Technology has quickened the pace of progress so much that conventional training and education can never again stand up in future. Hiring new talent with […]

How To Implement Blended Learning In Corporate Sector

The corporate world has been chained on to the instructor-led format of training for more than a decade. In order to get the better version […]

Kind Attention Moodle Administrators – Moodle minor versions are now available #Moodle

Moodle project releases a new major Moodle version every 6 months followed by minor version release every 2 months. The major version is equipped with […]

Do you want to easily create large number of questions in your Moodle course? Gift Format #MoodleTips

Are you looking for an easy method to create large number of questions in your Moodle course? Creating large number of questions for your Moodle […]

eLearning and Development Trends for 2018

What does 2018 have in store for the eLearning sector? Are we looking at exciting new developments, or more of the same? This article will […]