Future of Learning at the University of Edinburgh (and speaking engagements): Near Future Teaching, distributed and mobile universities, and ICT4D/SMS projects

Bouncing around a bit over the next few weeks/months with speaking engagements, conferences, seminars, or otherwise. All of them are in some way or another about learning futures and all touch on my research interests in one way or another. I will write longer posts providing full slidedecks and some notes, but for now I highlight three presentations and some takeaways.

#1: Gallagher, M. (2018). “No one should feel othered or alone”: Near Future Teaching and the Future of Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. Future of Learning Conference 2018: Pedagogy, Policy and Technology in a Digital World, January 15-17, 2018. Bangalore, India.

This one is mostly exploring how the Near Future Teaching is structuring our methods for eliciting thoughts on the future of the university and how technology can accelerate or inhibit those efforts. A few of the slides below.

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