Get Out of Your eLearning Rut in 2016

I imagine that most organizations today have some type of eLearning in place. If your organization isn’t using eLearning, make a plan to check it out in 2016. There are many benefits to implementing eLearning–it’s scalable, available 24/7, and can do wonders for your budget. Not to mention it contributes to employee engagement and provides managers with an easy way to increase employee skills and knowledges.

Incorporate music

Your courses include video. They have animation and opportunities for learners to interact with the content. But do your courses – online and in-person – include music? People love music, which makes it a powerful addition to any course. Consider how you might be able to integrate beats, rhythms, and melodies to capture learner’s interest and utilize their imagination in a new way. Furthermore, you might find that learners retain more information when it’s conveyed using musical techniques. Many of us can still recite songs from memory that we learned in childhood. (Anyone care to join me in singing our ABCs?)

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